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Body Wrap Seen on The Montel Williams Show

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Suddenly Slimmer's inch loss  Body Wraps, will appear on an upcoming episode of Montel Williams called “beauty on a budget.”

The show is being taped  in New York. No word yet as to when it will air.  The Montel Williams show contacted Suddenly Slimmer recently requesting an appearance to promote the body wraps, a one-hour process which uses electrolyte-mineral bandages soaked in a solution of vitamins and minerals to give the appearance of a tight, toned body that looks 6-30 inches slimmer.

“The show is comparing the cost of the body wrap to plastic surgery, which of course (the body wrap) is much more affordable,” Suddenly Slimmer founders  said. “And the results you’ll see from a body wrap are the closest thing you’ll find to plastic surgery.”

The cost for the body wrap ranges between  $120 to $200 depending on which wrap you decided to do, Suddenly Slimmer over 4 different types of wraps such as the Fat Burner Body Wrap, The Power Body Wrap, The Mineral Body Wrap and the Anti-Aging Body Wrap.  Suddenly Slimmer has been operating in Phoenix, Arizona since 1988. Customers can purchase packages, which drops  the cost of the body wraps tremendously  for each wrapping session.

During the taping of the Montel Williams Show, Suddenly Slimmer will speak about the health, self-esteem and mental benefits of body wraps. To show the before-and-after results, they will perform a body wrap on a member of the audience. To show the greatest difference a body wrap can make, Suddenly Slimmer has requested an individual between 30-50 years old who is between Body Wrap Seen on The Montel Williams Show15-30 pounds overweight. The Montel Williams show was especially interested in the Suddenly Slimmer body wraps after they came to Los Angeles in February to give body wraps to three A-list celebrities before they appeared at the Academy Awards show.   Suddenly Slimmer would not reveal the identities of the three-A-list celebrities citing confidentiality agreements.

Body Wrap Seen on The Montel Williams Show, mineral body wraps, montel williamsSuddenly Slimmer has also been asked to appear on Inside Edition and Extra. They too wish to air a segment on body wraps. On Sept. 29, Suddenly Slimmer plans to travel to England for the opening of the Suddenly Slender European office.

“It’s becoming huge,” Suddenly Slimmer  said. “This has been around since 1969, but it’s becoming more and more popular because in the last year and a half, it’s been reformulated. The solution is about three times stronger now than it was when the body wraps were first created. 

“We are the Suddenly Slimmer and we make people slender"..

“The body wrap is not a cure-all,” Suddenly Slimmer said. “I don’t promise the world. I just promise you’ll be happy.”

It’s a procedure that exchanges the body’s impurities for minerals, or in other words “takes the bad stuff out through your pores,” Suddenly Slimmer said. Aging is accelerated by the accumulation of metabolic wastes and environmental poisons which cause lack of energy, wrinkles and cellulite. The wrap is designed to free the body of this life long buildup. It’s a healthy alternative to surgery, Suddenly Slimmer said. It also helps with the body’s pH balance.

During a session, the individual is wrapped for one hour in ace bandages that are soaked in a solution of vitamins and minerals. While wrapped, “the more you move, the more you lose,” Suddenly Slimmer said. “It gets the blood pumping and pumps the impurities out faster.”

Therefore, exercise equipment is made available, including a cross-country ski simulator machine, power plate machine and the Infrared sauna which is not a regular sauna this sauna is designed to detox, rejuvenate the tissue and the Infrared light will burn 300 calories in just 15 minutes.

Afterward, the bandages are removed and there’s “instant gratification,” Suddenly Slimmer  said. “People will be able to tell a difference as soon as they put their pants back on.”

The body appears between 6-30 inches slimmer, problem areas are lifted and firmed, and cellulite is reduced, Suddenly Slimmer said. Body wraps have also been known to help with depression, sleeping problems and a low sex drive.

Results last about six to eight weeks.

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