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Dannielli Marcelino Senior Esthetician a.k.a The Skin Care Guru

Esthetician-licensed esthetician

PHOENIX—Dannielli Marcelino knows a thing or two about beauty. After all, she is a trained esthetician and is currently a senior esthetician at Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix. Marcelino knows how to combat sun damage, keep skin youthful and supple, and most importantly, she knows how to tackle those darn pimples!

Why? Well, let’s just say that even with all the innovative beauty products Marcelino has access to, she herself suffers from annoying adult acne. As a 30-something active woman, Marcelino shares the woes of having adult acne with other women her age.

“Especially during these humid months, adult skin tends to break out because of the change of climate,” Marcelino says.

In this case, Marcelino relies on products that contain zinc, sulfur and camphor to draw out impurities and keep oil glands during humid weather at bay. She says that during humid weather, oil glands are overly active. “We sweat more during monsoon season,” she says, and that can cause dirt, grime and bacteria to stick to the skin. Although Marcelino says that washing the face constantly is NOT the solution, using the right products that help regulate oil glands and have natural anti-bacterial qualities can lessen the incidence of pimples.

And what about those unpredictable hormones? Marcelino knows that women in their 30s, 40s and so on, go through all kinds of hormonal changes, which then causes changes in the body. Aside from weight gain, hair loss and the unexplainable emotional roller coaster, hormonal changes in the body can cause those nasty pimples to make an appearance. For her clients suffering from adult acne due to hormonal changes and other factors, Marcelino insists that they also include vitamin supplements in their diet, along with using the right beauty products. For example, vitamin supplements containing omega-fatty acids and soy proteins can help keep skin glowing and pimple-free.

“Don’t feel guilty about having those slices of pizza and that bar of luscious chocolate, those foods are not the culprits,” says Marcelino, referring to the well-known myth that foods rich in dairy, like pizza and chocolate, can cause pimples. “I tell my clients to always try to eat healthy by adding more fruits, vegetables and fiber in their diet, but the occasional pizza and chocolate should not be blamed for adult breakouts,” Marcelino added.

Most of Marcelino’s loyal clients see her for an intense but relaxing acne facial at least twice a month. With her bubbly personality, clients immediately feel at ease and comfortable talking to her about their pimple woes. Like her female clients in their 30s and older, Marcelino relates well to their complaints, and understands the importance of vanishing those unwanted pimples, especially before a hot date!

“I know when my clients come in for just a relaxing facial, and I know when they come in for a facial and a beauty therapy session,” she explains. “I go through the same beauty problems my clients go through, so sometimes, while I’m giving a client a facial, it turns into a complaint session and I’m here to listen and find a solution,” Marcelino says.


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Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa has been one of the premier day spa and wellness centers in the Valley since opening its doors in 1988.  Suddenly Slimmer Spa has been completely remodeled & is a luxurious full service spa and wellness center.   The spa is over 9,000 sq ft of pure pampering and relaxation.  Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa offers the latest anti-aging, wellness and spa services and incorporates Oriental medicine, Ayurveda therapies and homeopathy in their spa treatments. Their spa treatment experts are trained in European, Eastern and Western aesthetics.  Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa is proud to be one of the first day spas in the valley to offer wellness treatment such as acupuncture, meditation relaxation techniques, body balance therapy, and Chinese medicine.  At Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa the goal is to bring harmony and beauty between the mind, the body and the spirit. When the mind, body and spirit are in true balance and harmony then relaxation, beauty and peace is possible.