Enter your dad to win a spa getaway!

Why is it okay for mom to get pampered at a spa for Mother’s Day but not for Dad? Last we checked dads need some TLC, too. Their tired muscles, their calloused hands, their scratchy skin all need to be revived. And when’s a perfect day to treat dad to a day of “revival?” Why Father’s Day, of course!

What’s even more perfect? How about dad’s day at the spa for free!

We’re giving away a Dad’s Day at the Spa package for Father’s Day to a deserving dad. We know there are a lot of deserving dads out there so we want to hear about them. In 140 characters–and 140 characters only—reply back to @SuddenlySlimmer and explain why dad deserves a day at the spa. characters! Simple, right?

Follow us on Twitter @SuddenlySlimmer and tweet why your dad deserves:

  • A sports deep tissue massage (1 hour)
  • A manly pedicure

What?! You don’t have Twitter account? No worries. “Like” our Facebook.com/suddenlyslimmer page and post your comment on why Pops needs a spa day for Father’s Day…again, only in 140 characters and must include “@SuddenlySlimmer” within the comment. Now, don’t worry. We’re not taking away dad’s man card. We’re simply pampering him because he needs and deserves it.

You have starting now until Saturday, June 18 to get your FB comments and tweets in. We will only consider each original tweets and comments, not those re-tweeted or copied and pasted over and over again.  It’s not about quantity for us, it’s about quality. And if you go beyond 140 characters, we have to eliminate your post.

So have at it and express how you truly feel about that special dude in your life…in 140 characters! So follow us on Twitter and like us on FB and start telling us and the whole world why your dad is the best!

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13. June 2011 by SuddenlySlimmer
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