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Acne Scars Laser Skin Resurfacing

Puberty and your teenage years should not scar you for life.  Heck even your adult life, should not scar you for life either. And by “scar,” we mean those annoying acne scars that plagued your awkward years. You’re grown up now, and you need to rid your skin of these scars.

Over the counter skin medication may help, but truthfully, the results may not exactly be what you are hoping for. You need something more effective that will present immediate positive results. Thank goodness for the advancement in laser technology!

The new lasers in the market are so innovative, effective and versatile, that the pock marks on your skin that haunt you day in, day out may be a thing of the past. Laser skin resurfacing has been quite commonplace in the beauty industry that there really is no reason to be nervous or skeptical of what could be the results.

Depending on how deep the pock marks are, laser technology can truly make a difference on the appearance (or disappearance) of the “ice pick” crevices caused by acne, among other things. Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatment, offered by Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix, is the latest in laser technology that delivers laser treatments fractionally, meaning its technology divides one laser beam into multiple beams in a definite square pattern. Depending on the severity of the pock marks, the fractional laser can be adjusted to correct the problem. The treatment itself probably lasts up to 30 minutes. So a quick trip to the med spa during your lunch break is all the time commitment you really need. But just know that your skin may look a little raw or “sunburned” after the treatment. That will improve fairly quickly.

The results, however, can be obvious immediately, even with that sunburn feeling. Acne scars are visibly reduced and a touch-up after 6 months will help maintain the skin’s smoothness.  So let’s leave our awkward puberty and teenage behind, and get ready for smoother, clearer skin.

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