It’s like a built-in Photoshop…

Take a selfie


Instead of relying on your Photoshop app, why not just get a permanent “touch-up” in real life?

 IPL Photofacial is a common procedure that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to zap away skin blotches, age spots, sun damage, discolored scars and even rosacea. It is highly effective that the results are evident that the next time you take a selfie, you wouldn’t even have to bring up your Photoshop app. For real!

For the most part, the IPL Photofacial works well on all skin types, but seems to do better on lighter skin types. There may be a risk of hyperpigmentation on darker skin types. But as our fabulous senior esthetician Dannielli suggests, “It is worth coming down to Suddenly Slimmer for a consult so our experts can properly determine if a Photofacial is right for your skin type.”

Of course, Suddenly Slimmer offers other options that can deliver the same great results that IPL Photofacial would for clients with darker skin tone.

The Photofacial session results in a more even skin complexion because it reverses sun damage…and boy, do we Phoenicians know all about that as we hit 110+ degrees. The treatment can also correct “telangiectisias,” which is redness of the skin due to broken capillaries. The best  part, and an important part too, is that Photofacial can kill bacteria that causes acne. So if you’re still suffering from adult acne, or you have older teenagers who are battling the acne wars, this could be very helpful. Remember that.

Although IPL Photofacial really was not designed to prevent or repair wrinkles, the other benefits of receiving this treatment sometimes outweighs that. Also, there are other treatments for wrinkles that could very well work well in conjunction with Photofacial. That’s why it’s always important to consult with a certified esthetician, registered nurse or supervised medical assistants.

Now just for clarification, the Photofacial is not a laser treatment and should not be confused with laser treatments. Laser resurfacing actually removes layer of skin, while a Photofacial treatment creates what is referred to as “injury response” in the skin, that stimulates collagen and corrects the skin from the inside out. Photofacials use intense pulsed light, not laser. The good thing, it’s less expensive than laser resurfacing.

Pain? Not much, virtually none. Clients may feel a slight stinging sensation from the pulsing light. But typically, there is an optional cooling gel that can be applied to the treatment area to bring comfort. There’s zero recovery time, so it’s really no excuse to miss work…but we’ll leave that up to you. ; )

Are you ready to try it?! Seriously, with all the great skin benefits it can bring, plus the almost pain-free procedure and the reasonable price tag, you really should strongly consider it and be ready to ditch your Photoshop app. Your skin will always be photo-ready!

25. July 2014 by yvetteroeder
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