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The latest Neck Skin Tightening Treatment, such as Pixel Radio Frequency, Laser Skin Tightening, and Laser at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa in Phoenix, we are proud to offer the latest Stomach Skin Tightening Treatment, such as Pixel Radio Frequency, Laser Skin Tightening, and Laser Skin Resurfacing!

After laser skin tightening, results will be immediately visible, and the rejuvenating effects of increased collagen production will become markedly more noticeable in the months following treatment. Immediately after treatment, patients may notice that the affected skin is red and slightly warm, but this usually resolves itself within a few hours. Since treated skin is especially delicate, most laser skin tightening practitioners recommend that patients protect the treated area with sunscreen for at least two weeks following their treatment. Permanent negative side effects of laser skin tightening are very rare.

There is no doubt laser skin tightening will continue to become one of the most popular methods of getting firmer, younger, healthier looking skin.  It provides you with the same type of benefits as a surgery – namely tighter skin.  At the same time, it is minimally invasive and requires no recovery time.  This allows you to see the results immediately, while also watching your skin continually improve over the next several months or years.

Our skin begins to sag and fall largely due to the decline in collagen, one of the main proteins that give our skin that supple and resilient quality most associated with youth. It happen when our natural collagen supply declines, our cheeks, face and neck are soon to follow, that is where Laser Skin Tightening works by lifting and tighten falling skin, and the majority of them work by stimulating our body’s collagen supply.

There is no downtime necessary for laser skin tightening recovery; in fact, patients can return to work or play immediately following a laser skin tightening treatment session. The most common visible side effect of laser skin tightening is mild redness, and this can be safely hidden with a little make-up and should resolve itself within hours of treatment. Patients should not experience any pain during or following laser skin tightening; however, any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications.

The Laser Skin Tightening conducting energy into the deeper dermal layers to tighten underlying tissues and produce a more dramatic stimulation of new collagen and elastin growth. This replaces older, damaged tissue with tauter, firmer, more elastic skin that is less likely to sag over time. Also targeting photo-damaged and aged skin, removing fine lines and other mild to moderate skin damage. In addition to making skin more supple, the plumping effects of collagen produced by the procedure helps improve pitted acne scars and minimizes superficial lines.

Typical laser skin tightening results are visible for up to two years, and many patients find that they can extend their optimal results with a few touch-up treatments. After roughly two years, another series of treatments may be necessary to promote the growth of new collagen, which will be reabsorbed into the body over time.

Laser skin tightening has been proven effective for tightening the skin on all areas of the body. Patients can enjoy a rejuvenated look when this treatment is applied to the face, neck, abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks. In fact, patients with minor to moderate skin laxity may opt for laser skin tightening treatment instead of more invasive procedures such as liposuction and even mini tummy tuck surgery, and experience noticeably firmer skin with no downtime and little discomfort.

Breast Skin Tightening – Butt Lift Treatment – Skin Tightening Thighs – Neck Skin Tightening – Stomach Skin Tightening – Tightening Skin Under Eyes-Phoenix-Scottsdale-Arizona At Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa in Phoenix, we are proud to offer the latest Tightening Skin Under Eyes Treatment, such as Pixel Radio Frequency, Laser Skin Tightening, and Laser Skin Resurfacing!

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