Putting the spring back in your face

We’ve listed the five essential spa treatments that you should consider to give your face a “workout” to be ready for spring.

Spring Facials

Spring Facials

Aside from the traditional facials–where you get cleansed, masked and massaged–spa treatments now offer innovative ways to liven up your skin tone and color using formulations designed to de-stress, encourage sleep, and generate positivity to help renew skin, plus new technology and products. We’re talking a new frontier here: the ideal marriage between good basic facials using natural, tired-and-true ingredients and cutting edge technology that uses laser technology, and LED facial light technology (as featured in Allure Magazine), advanced medical grade peels, and microdermabrasion.  Suddenly Slimmer successfully joins the basics with the cutting-edge to get your skin in tip-top shape for spring. The attached article only talks about them in generalities. We actually offer different kinds of treatments that are more customized to the clients’ needs. Now, if we were to list all that, that would be a book.

It’s good to educate the beauty-conscious about the different facials available out in the market so they can choose that’s best for their skin type wisely.

PHOENIX–No more winter blues. It’s time to get our “spring” back on and get into the swing of things. Bring out the floral dresses and linen suits and pants, and let’s let vibrant colors and the glow back into our lives.
At Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa, we see an increase in the demand for facials just as the cold weather starts to dissipate. Clients are getting ready to showcase their healthy-looking, younger-looking skin as soon as April hits. Of course, our well-trained estheticians have many options for them to choose from in order to achieve the rosy glow. Now the options can get confusing for first-time clients but here is a run-down of the services available to clients who are looking for some skin rejuvenation.

When you peel something, anything, it usually fulfills your sense of curiosity to find something promising, rewarding or even new. That’s what a facial peel does for tired, dull skin. Peels can help rid of the very thin top layer to reveal new skin. With new, fresh skin, products rich in moisturizers, nutrients, oxygen, vitamins and minerals can easily be absorbed resulting in healthy and glowing skin. Two popular kinds of peels are the AHA peels, mainly a type of hydrocholoric acid. AHA peels are considered “light peels” and may not solve underlying skin problem. It will however, give your skin a quick tune-up or a boost…perfect for primping for a special occasion; and the other one is the trichloracetic acid (TCA) peel that is gentle enough without causing long down time, and still very effective.  TCA peels are considered “medium peels” and may lessen the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. The positive effects of TCA peels may last up to 3-4 months as opposed to “light peels” effectiveness that may last for 2-4 weeks.

It is a non-invasive form of exfoliation of facial skin to slough away the epidermis and give way to newer skin. Microdermabrasion machines now use mineral crystals, or even crushed diamonds, to exfoliate dead skin. This process of skin rejuvenation is excellent for sun-damaged skin and skin prone to acne because it smooths the skin’s surface. After a microdermabrasion, a soothing, moisturizing mask is applied to the skin. Usually, a series of 6-7 microdermabrasion treatments is recommended to receive the full benefits.

Rejuvenate and Restore
Enzymes are your friends. Why? Because they get rid of the bad to bring out the good. Case in point: the Triple Enzyme Rejuvenator uses enzymes, including pineapple enzymes, that can slough dead skin cells of to let the new cells breathe right through. This treatment polishes and brightens the skin, and will help the skin stay aglow for weeks! Then there’s the Four Layer Restoration Green treatment, where everything “green” can be helpful in restoring your skin’s elasticity, clarity and glow. Using only “green” products—green tea, green papaya, green enzyme, green herbs, green clay—this treatment will give anyone the right amount of exfoliation and stimulation to restore the skin back to good health. This treatment even has anti-bacterial qualities to prevent future breakouts and congestion of the skin.

Suddenly Slimmer offers so many facials, so we assure you that there is one suited for you. With all the innovative skin products available in the market, facials have become more involved and have gone beyond the usual deep-exfoliating-deep cleansing routine. For spring, however, we always recommend our fun and relaxing facials that use fruits, herbs and botanicals to restore facial skin and brighten it. The Maui Paradise Treatment facial uses fruit acids and enzyme to bring back the skin’s suppleness. It mainly uses pineapple enzymes, a proven ingredient to keep skin soft and smooth, and to remind you of Hawaii. The Cherries Jubilee Facial takes advantage of cherries’ antioxidant powers to bring in vitamins and moisture into the skin and help plump up lines and wrinkles. And the Lavender Harvest Facial  is a treatment that combines aromatherapy into the facial for a holistic approach to skin revitalizing. It’s gentle and moisturizing, and as an added bonus, the esthetician applies acupressure to the face to stimulate circulation and collagen renewal. Oh yes, and it smells amazing!

Clients should consider facials & peels as part of their beauty routine. The benefits will be evident in the long run. Recommended for both men and women, facials not only make the skin feel and look great but it also calms the senses and relieves stress. Also, when you create a good rapport with an excellent esthetician, you are sure to get the best tips on looking great, and get the hook ups on free samples of new, suitable products out in the market.

“These are the main, popular types of facial rejuvenation available, but within each category, a treatment can be customized to suit the clients’ needs,” explained Jeanie Marcelino, spa director for Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa.
Marcelino said that a spa with professional, well-trained facial experts should be able to discuss the options to clients to get the best results. Further, a reputable day spa should also be able to offer affordable options to anyone in a budget, but looking to look and feel good as well.

Suddenly Slimmer Day Spas are experts in the Valley for skin rejuvenation and have been helping clients look their best for over 20 years. For more information on the services they offer, please visit http://www.suddenlyslimmer.com and follow them on http://www.twitter.com/suddenlyslimmer and www.facebook.com/suddenlyslimmer  for the daily specials. Call 602-952-8446 EX 2006 or email info@suddenlyslimmer.com for more information about skin rejuvenation for spring!

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