Stem Cell Facial

Stem Cell Therapy Facial

Stem Cell Therapy Facial

PHOENIX—Suddenly Slimmer Medical Spa in Phoenix is the first in the Valley to introduce the latest innovation in skin therapy and rejuvenation!

Stem cell facial therapy is the latest breakthrough in the med spa industry. In this facial therapy, new skin cells are introduced topically to produce healthier, younger skin cells, thus resulting to a more youthful-looking, clearer skin. The stem cells are usually derived from sheep and they are administered to freshly exfoliated skin while frozen.

Typically, a licensed esthetician and certified laser technician first performs a quick laser resurfacing or a photofacial to rid of the skin’s dull surface. This treatment often leaves the skin a little pink and the skin’s blood vessels a little dilated so that the frozen stem cells can be absorbed easily by the skin. The frozen stem cells, rich in amniotic protein, are applied liberally, particularly in drier areas of the skin. The stem cells are “programmed” to improve their new environment (your skin) and immediately heals aging skin (of sun damage, for example) and promotes new skin cell growth.  When stem cells are isolated from their source and then transplanted into parts of the body, studies have shown that they grow and survive in these new areas helping to form new tissue. The effectiveness in achieving youthful, supple skin has some spa experts and happy clients giving stem cell facial therapy the nickname “fountain of youth.”

“These stem cells use gold as a medium so it can penetrate into the skin easier,” explains Dannielli Marcelino, Suddenly Slimmer Medical Spa’s leading esthetician.  “It adds ‘good fats’ to the face that have been diminishing through the natural aging process,” she added.

Marcelino predicts that this new stem cell facial therapy will be quite popular with their clientele. She reminds that although it isn’t the cure-all for jowls and sagging skin, she knows that clients will see a remarkable difference in the quality of their skin, with diminished sun spots, smoother surface and a healthier glow.

Stem Cell Serum Q&A:

Q. What is Stem Cell serum?
A. We use a proprietary stem cell formula, a lyophilized extract of high quality ovine placental and umbilical cord tissue (afterbirth) that derived from sheep, uniquely prepared to concentrate its natural benefits and preserve its bio-activity. Our formula is cryogenically processed using state-of-the-art micro-lyophilization techniques and proprietary technology. It is the most potent and stable placenta/umbilical cord tissue extract ever produced.

Q. Why sheep? Why don’t you use human placenta and umbilical cord tissue?
A. Sheep are ideal cell donors for two main reasons. First, there are no essential differences on a cellular level between the enzymatic and functional capabilities of human and animal cells, which means the tissues function essentially the same. Sheep placental pluripotent stem cells are identical to human placental stem cells in their ability to produce any type of mammalian cell. Second, our sheep live in a healthy environment in New Zealand. They are certified free of all diseases, and their health history is verified by over 150 years of documented breeding. As it becomes increasingly more difficult to find fit, disease-free human donors, these sheep provide a healthier and more vital source of biological material.

Q. How are the sheep raised? Is the formula a cruelty-free product?
A. Yes, it is indeed a cruelty-free product; from “farm to face” safe. The sheep are raised on special medicinal farms in New Zealand. New Zealand is well known for its strong focus on animal welfare, and the extensive pastoral farming systems used by New Zealand farmers make animal welfare a priority. Because there is no need to house the animals for long periods, their freedom of movement is rarely restricted, and they live a more natural life than livestock in other countries. The placental and umbilical cord tissue (afterbirth) is collected immediately after a natural delivery. Neither the mother nor lamb are hurt or harmed in any way. New Zealand law also requires that each medicinal farm have a full time veterinary staff to care for the animals.

Q. How often should Stem Cell Serum be used?
A. Stem Cell Serum should be used after every skin resurfacing procedure, and then about once a day as an ideal maintenance regimen between procedures. Regular use promotes a continuously more youthful appearance and improved skin quality.

Q. How many treatments are in one bottle?
A. One. One bottle (15ml) contains enough sterile serum to effectively treat one square foot of resurfaced skin. This is enough to treat the face and neck, or any similar size area in the body. The formula is a Sterile Uni-Dose cosmetic treatment. It does not work like a cream or lotion.

Q. What procedures do you recommend before applying Stem Cells and Gold formula?
A. The serum perfectly complements any professional skin resurfacing procedures including all Laser techniques, IPL, LimeLight, Deep Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and more.

Q. Does the serum contain any drugs?
A. No. All the ingredients are functional cosmetic ingredients that serve a cosmetic purpose. It is a 100% natural product.

Q. Is the serum FDA approved?
A. Professional cosmetic products (cosmetic products administrated by a licensed beauty professional in a professional office) are not cleared or approved by the FDA. It is the responsibility of the cosmetic manufacturer to substantiate the safety of their product and to verify that their claims are accurate and truthful. The ingredients have been thoroughly tested by reputable, independent research laboratories. None of the safety tests involved animal testing.

Q. What is the shelf life of the serum?
A. Indefinite under refrigeration.

For more information about this new breakthrough called Stem Cell Facial therapy, please call 602-952-8446 or email A knowledgeable esthetician will answer your inquiries about it.


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