Those scary spider veins

Let’s talk spider veins for a minute.

The thought of it kinda makes you develop arachnophobia…and a hate for shorts.

Spider veins look like tiny roots growing just underneath the skin’s surface, spreading all over your legs and sometimes your face. They are much smaller than varicose veins and are typically red, blue, green or purple in color. They don’t hurt. But they are unsightly.

Spider veins existence is often associated with circulatory problems. When veins in the legs weaken or experience too much pressure because of weight, pregnancy, some kind of injury or just standing for long periods of time on one’s feet, blood becomes trapped and enlarges the veins. Sometimes sun exposure, hormonal changes and genetics can also cause spider veins to appear.

To prevent it or get rid of them, you can always elevate your legs every free moment you get (and how often is that?), you can reduce weight, exercise more, wear sunscreen and wear the very stylish (not) compression stockings.  However, if the veins keep growing and persist, there is always laser treatment.

Laser treatment is a simple, non-invasive procedure that applies laser heat to the affected area, damaging the vein and causing it to eventually die and disappear. Newer laser treatment equipment are so advanced that they have made the procedures comfortable for clients. A session can be completed in a matter of minutes and the downtime is pretty minimal.

In our efforts to help you achieve the body you’ll love, the Suddenly Slimmer experts are always ready to assist you with your questions about spider veins and discuss your options. Especially during the summer months, when it makes so much more sense to wear comfortable shorts, we want you to feel confident in them. Spider veins are unsightly but don’t sit there and fret about it because there is a solution.

15. July 2014 by yvetteroeder
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