Time for a quick eye lift…

Aside from Spanx, this is another must-have to “lift” you up!

Under eye bags. One of those tricky beauty conundrums that continue to stump cosmetic brands and consumers.

Caused by pads of fat that push forward as skin stretches and muscles relax under the eye, undereye bags can be attributed to genetics or aging. Sadly, beyond of surgery, there’s really nothing on the market that can actually make an obvious difference to shrink those puffy bags.

Until now.

We just got in Neotensil from Living Proof (yes, from the makers of hair products touted by Jennifer Aniston). Neotensil features a new technology called “Strateris.” It forms a breathable, invisible film on your skin and acts as shapewear for your bags. The film has been engineered to “want” to shrink and become flat. So there’s a two-layering process — you apply the first layer, the Reshaping Base, to the skin and then apply the second Activating Layer. These two form a kind of grid on the skin’s surface that compresses and reshapes, forcing the sagging skin under the eyes, wrinkles, and bulges to lay flat. 

And voila! Undereye bags begin to diminish in an hour, and will virtually be gone by the third hour mark! Pretty incredible, if you ask us. Overall, users say that the improvement stays for a good 24-hours, which makes the product perfect to use before a sweet date, a fabulous gala, a reunion with old friends you haven’t seen in ages, a wonderful wedding…or really, any occasion that you feel should look your best!

It is not permanent, mind you. There’s surgery or maybe even lasers for that. However, the science and technology behind Neotensil is considered groundbreaking and shows lots of potential in the anti-aging industry. It’s an instant fix, which many cumsuemrs are looking for without gong under the knife.

One thing to note, though…Neotensil does not correct dark circles (discoloration). It was meant to “lift” the heavy bags, not to change the coloration of your skin. Consumers who have tried it, however, are saying that the dark circles under their eyes are significantly diminished because the heavy bags causing that usually causes the shadows are diminished.

Also another thing to note, you can’t wear makeup over it. The brand has specifically created a powder to work with the product.

Hey, worth a try. Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa can offers individual Neotensil treatments, and also offers the complete kit for clients to take home!

Want to learn more about Neotensil? If you happen to be in the Phoenix area, we are hosting an event to learn more about  Neotensil on Aug. 28, from 3 to 5 p.m. Check out details on our Facebook page.




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