Tips on how to treat and prevent breakouts as the weather changes

Last week’s news about the monsoon season is over and the impending fall, cooler weather can mean relief for some of us who are so done with the hot weather. But for our skin, it could mean a slight disaster.

how to prevent fall breakouts

how to prevent fall breakouts

According to beauty experts, breakouts occur as the skin transitions from summer to the much drier fall weather because it’s working harder to regulate the skin’s moisture. The skin is still on summer mode producing the same moisture flow from beneath, while the outdoor cooler air dries up the skin’s surface causing dead skin layers to form. The result: Well, a hot mess. The skin’s natural oils are trapped underneath the surface causing acne.

Dannielli Marcelino, Suddenly Slimmer’s licensed medical esthetician and certified laser technician has a few tips to share to prevent those crazy breakouts as Valley beauties transition from summer to fall:

1)  Switch to gentler cleansing and moisturizing products. Products with sodium laureth sulfate listed as one of the first five ingredients might not be suitable during the skin’s transition. The products should be nourishing and not drying. Same goes with products containing SD alcohol 40—that’s a no-no.

2)  Change pillowcases more often! We don’t think about it, but bacteria and oil can build up on your pillowcase, which encourages random breakouts. It doesn’t hurt to change pillowcases twice a week. Wash them using gentle detergents, like Dreft. And while you’re at it, try to get 8 hours of sleep!

3)  Regularly use sunblock like your life depends on it. Make sure your sunscreen blocks UVA and UVB rays and have an SPF of 30 or higher. Those harmful rays not only contribute to skin cancer, but they also increase rosacea flare-ups and sensitivity to breakouts.

4)  Add antioxidants to your morning routine. Applying a Vitamin C serum or even a Vitamin A (tretinoin) cream every morning can help rid of dead skin cells and dullness. And here’s an even simpler way to flush out toxins from your body—squeeze fresh lemon into hot water and drink it first thing in the morning (yes, before your coffee). The simple lemon concoction helps flush out the yuckies that cause skin sensitivities. Simple and cheap!

5)  Be cautious of over-the-counter acne medication. Don’t go crazy using them because they can certainly dry out the skin and cause even more trouble.

6)  Resort to chemical and physical exfoliants to get rid of the dead skin layer. This is when regular professional facials and an esthetician’s expertise come in handy. Chemical exfoliants, like glycolic acid and fruit enzymes, help break down the gunk on the surface to unclog pores.

Dannielli says the key to preventing breakouts while our skin transitions from one season to the next, is to keep the routine simple.

“People have a tendency to be aggressive the minute they see a zit forming,” says Marcelino.

“If you use gentle products and maintain a good, simple routine using sunscreen regularly and incorporating chemical peels/exfoliants, your skin will transition smoothly,” she added.

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