VitaGlow, Vitamin Facial Injection – offers users a youthful glow

NEW! VitaGlow, also known as mesotherarpy

VitaGlow Before & After

VitaGlow Before & After

Botox has been the ‘go-to’ injection to keep faces from aging, but a new shot is for those looking for a more natural approach.

Vitamins are no longer just to be ingested, now they’re being injected for cosmetic purposes.

This treatment is inspired by what many women have been doing in France since the 1950’s. But the doctor doing it here has a modern approach that she customizes for each patient.

And yes, you get a healthy dose of vitamins and more.

“What’s being infused is a combination of vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyluranic acid,” said Dannielli Marcelino, Director of Esthetics at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa

By infused, she means injected, but ever so lightly. A tiny needle barely penetrates the skin, but it does get to what’s known as the middle or meso layer. The French call this practice mesotherarpy.

“The whole premise is to take advantage of the middle layer of the skin where circulation is existent but somewhat sluggish, as opposed to really brisk. Because imagine if you inject this deeply or directly into a vein, it doesn’t stay where you inject it,” said Dannielli.

But this solution will linger longer in the meso layer. The vitamins, including B, C and E, plus copper zinc and magnesium, nourish the anti-oxidants and help reduce inflammation.

The hyluranic acid helps offer a plump dewyness, and those microdroplets help stimulate collagen.

“Classically the French perform Vitaglow every week, but for busy, time-starved Arizona city women, the protocol is such that you have one session every two weeks and basically only three to five sessions depending on your skin type, your needs, and your time,” said Dannielli Marcelino.

A cooling facial mask helps to lock in the Vitaglow. Best not to wear makeup for 8 hours.

“Vitaglow doesn’t get rid of dynamic wrinkles the way Botox does, but for those people who are very happy with their expression lines and don’t want to change much about that, Vitaglow is a great alternative,” said Dannielli.

You can do a single round and Dannielli says you’ll see immediate results, but several treatments will do even more good.

NEW! VitaGlow, also known as mesotherarpy – takes 30 minutes, cost is $299, this treatment is performed only by physician.

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