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Rhonda Allison Blemish Skin Gel  
This is an effective blend for controlling acne as well as preventing the return of the bacterial complex.

Anti bacterial, exfoliating, & healing. This is an effective blend for controlling acne as well as preventing the return of the bacterial complex. Glycolic Acid Polymer – aids in raising basal cell rate, loosening comedones. Organic Peroxides – have greater anti bacterial property than regular Benzoyl peroxide. Milk Albumin – a solvent that helps to eliminate toxic by-products of acne causing bacteria responsible for the alteration of the follicular epithelium. Beta Glucan – boosts the skin’s immune response, supporting the suppression of bacterial complex. Recommended Use: It is recommended that the Blemish Skin Gel be monitored and offered according to the individual skin and type of acne. Spot treat lesions with a very small amount of Blemish Skin Gel after the skin has been thoroughly cleansed. It is best to apply at night but may also be used during the day if necessary to control bacteria. The area treated will become pink and sometimes red, then dry and light brown to dark brown and crusty. The top of the lesion will peel away. The bacteria and swelling normally will abate within 24 hours. Using Cold Therapy (Ice Globes) on lesions as they appear and then applying Calming Skin Gel with Blemish Skin Gel will speed up the healing process. Do not overuse and if severe burning or stinging occurs discontinue use immediately. Active Ingredients: Glycolic Acid Polymer, Organic Peroxides – Benzoyl, Urea, & Hydrogen, Milk Albumin, Yeast/Barley Cell Wall Extract, Beta Glucan, Propylene Glycol and Lemon Oil.
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