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Insta-Pecs Wrap Technique  
Insta-Pecs Wrap Technique

"Best Spa For Insta-Pecs Wrap Technique in Phoenix | Scottsdale Arizona!"

What are Insta-Pecs?

Insta-Pecs is a Suddenly Slimmer Wrap technique that can be added to any of our body wraps to help create the body builder look on average bodies or helping the professional body builder to achieve the appearance of a highly sculpted look.

Insta-Pecs is a simple, healthful, all natural method of wrapping the soft tissue from a man's upper stomach area up into the chest area creating a "pec" effect. Expert handling and molding allows for the soft tissue to be pooled up over the top of the wrap bandages to help compact and reposition it on the torso. A more aesthetic ratio of distribution on the torso occurs by compacting the soft tissue and achieving a flatter looking abdomen while augmenting the upper pectoral region.

In other words, through Insta-Pecs you can immediately improve the appearance of the chest, forming it into a more striking shape while decreasing the stomach's appearance. An additional improved look is achieved on a man's body sculpture by applying the wrap on the inner side of the ribs (on the soft tissue) on both sides. This creates a flattened, more tapered set of dimensions, which increases the body builder look if you don't already have it. If you've already achieved a great physique, you'll definitely improve it.

Insta-Pecs is not only for the pectoral region, as you may have suspected. You can accent the appearance of muscle groups all over the body with this technique; create a six pack look, define the muscle above the knee, upper arms, laterals, biceps, triceps, calves, etc. Defining and highlighting the look of the major muscle groups is only part of the total benefit package available through the Insta-Pecs technique. As Victoria Morton very aptly puts it, "Every body builder I've ever wrapped needed their waist line to look smaller and their skin to look tightened. Often, the body is in pretty good shape but the face looks rounded, like a 2 year olds.. We wrap the face to make the cheeks look slimmer and the skin tighten, so the face and body match." Women body builders also love this technique. They can achieve the muscle looking cuts and definition they want, without losing their bust lines. Professional body builders enjoy this sculptured looking technique as they do not have to dehydrate themselves to get the "cut" look for the show. The day after a competition they usually blow up like balloons, as the body replenishes the water. When they are professionally wrapped for the definition look, using the Insta-Pecs method, there is no need to resort to dehydration. We are reducing the appearance of depth of the tissue AROUND the muscle so that it stands out more. In the case of the abdominals (six-pack) you are reducing the look of soft tissue between and over the distinct muscle masses, adding definition. Legs, arms, back and front gain definition through the process, with special accent on those parts or features of the body singled out for contrast and emphasis.

Price: $40

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