Amazing Body Wrap Will Make You Thinner Tonight! Wrap OFF 30 Inches in 60 Minutes!

This isn’t your typical recipe for some super diet that will help you lose pounds. However, I will help you lose inches fast…

DIY Slimming Body Wrap
DIY Slimming Body Wrap

Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa, well known in the Valley for their signature slimming body wraps, is letting every in on their secret. They’re actually sharing the ingredients and recipes for an in-home body wrap that can help shave off inches from different parts of your body and save you a little money while doing it.

Using ingredients that you can easily find at grocery stores and drugstores, the body wrap experts at Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa gives you step-by-step instructions on how to concoct the solutions for a body wrap. We’re not going to lie to you, it can be messy at first, but once you get used to it, the DIY body wrap can be a great supplement to the professionally done body wraps. Let’s call it maintenance in-between professional services…and that’s a good thing especially for keeping those inches off all year long!

“Professionally done body wraps use professional grade ingredients that include minerals and enzymes,” said Jeanie Marcelino, Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa Director. “For this DIY recipe, ingredients that you can purchase at drugstores and grocery stores are used, and frankly, it can be effective when used in conjunction with the professional body wrap services.”

In a nutshell, ingredients are mixed together to make a warm paste and slathered all over the body. Then yards and yards of bandages are soaked in a special DIY solution and are used to wrap the body with it.

Here’s the recipe:

Clay Cream Ingredients:

1 cup Bentonite (Also called Indian Healing Clay. This material usually comes in one-pound bags)

¼ cup Dead Sea Salts or ½ cup of Epsom Salt

2tbsp. olive oil

1 green tea bag

3 cups distilled water

Optional: You may use Apple Cider Vinegar in place of the water. Or use ½ Apple Cider Vinegar and ½ distilled water. If you are using only distilled water, then you may add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil.

Directions: In a medium-sized pot, bring 2 cups distilled water (or Apple Cider Vinegar or combination of both) with the green tea bag to a slow boil. While that solution is coming to a boil, in a separate small pot warm up remaining cup of water (to be used if clay mixture is too thick). When 2 cups of solution begin to boil, take out tea bag and add Dead Sea Salt (preferred) or Epsom Salt and stir until dissolved. Add olive oil and continue stirring while you add Bentonite. Lower heat to simmer and continue to stir. If adding essential oil, now is the time. Stir until a paste forms. If mixture is too thick, use remaining cup of warm water to thin the clay mixture a bit. If too thin, add a bit more clay.

Wrap Soak Ingredients:

½ gallon distilled water

½ c. Epsom salts or Dead Sea salts

2 green tea bags

Additional supplies:

18-20 rolls of elastic bandages (Ace brand or any drugstore brand will do)

Plastic wrap (such as Glad Wrap)

Directions: In a large pot, bring ½ gallon distilled water along with tea bags to a slow boil, add ½ cup Dead Sea Salts or Epsom Salts, turn off heat and stir until Salt dissolves. Allow to cool off a bit until able to touch, then soak bandages for about 15 minutes. Apply the warm clay mixture from ankles up to waist and start wrapping the body with the soaked bandages. Continue applying clay mixture to the tummy, back and arms and continue to wrap using the elastic cloth bandages. Then take the plastic and wrap the entire body once again, sealing the all ingredients, while keeping your body warm during the process. Sit in a steamy bathroom for at least 45 minutes. Then unwrap your body carefully, shower and pat dry. Follow with your most emollient body cream or lotion.

Preparation is key to making this recipe work. Marcelino said that the first time can be a bit messy, that’s why many prefer to have it done professionally in a day spa, like Suddenly Slimmer. But once you get the hang of it, DIY wraps can be a breeze. Because body wraps forces out extra, unwanted fluids trapped under the surface of the skin, she also recommends drinking plenty of water before and after the in-home treatment. If done religiously and done right, anywhere from 6 to 30 inches can be shaved off different parts of the body, and skin remains silky soft and virtually “dimple-free.”

Since the 80s, Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa has been offering body wrap services, and even expanding these services, to cater to customers wanting to lose a few inches. With their DIY body wrap recipe, losing a few inches may be easier than ever because customers will now have a cost effective way to do so.

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