Bio-identical Hormone Center

Bio-identical Hormone Center

Offering expert Bio-Identical Hormone in Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona. In business since 1988.

What is a Bio-Identical Hormone?
Simply put, bio-identical hormone is the macromolecule that has the exact same blue print and architecture as the naturally produced “invivo” (or within the body) hormone. They are manufactured in the lab to comply with exact molecular structure and are compounded organically by FDA approved compounding pharmacies. The typical bio-identical hormones as it relates to treatment are: Testosterone, Estrogen, and Progesterone.

Conversely, synthetic hormone is mass produced hormone that varies significantly in the molecular structure and source. In the literature, many adverse side effects have been noted. These include Premarin® (horse urine derivative), Prempro®, Provera® to name a few. While bio-identical hormone usage has been around since the early 1940’s, it was not widely accepted, even today. That is because many physicians are not trained to appreciate the beauty of the natural and bio-identical hormones but also because of the inherent interest of the pharmaceutical companies in making sure it stays that way. Thus many patients, unfortunately, are advised by their physicians that it is either not effective or waste of time- because they are not familiar and have not taken the time to get properly trained.

Bio-Identical Hormones vs Synthetic Hormones
There is a big debate on this issue currently here in the US. A million woman study conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) was a flawed study design that excluded bio-identical hormones and only studied synthetic hormones. Also, the average age of women in this study was 63, which tended to skew the study results. What’s more enlightening are the new studies that conclusively show the safety and efficacy of bio-identical hormones.

Bio-identical hormones are derived from yams or soy and are identical in molecular composition to human hormones.

Bio-identical hormones have been used in Europe successfully and safely without the side effects of synthetic hormones for over 60 years. Bio-identical hormones do not have the adverse side effects such as breast cancer and is safe. Many of the concerns about bio-identical hormones as it relates to synthetic hormones are based on faulty studies and lack of research. We believe that obtaining the most optimal vitality starts with strong foundation in medicine complemented by effective and proven holistic care. We are passionate about our patient’s health, quality of life, and obtaining the most optimal youthful vitality. We offer it all in one place with the most sophisticated training and care. Simple and Effective. That’s the way we like it.


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