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Med Spas’ Peels – Weight loss and Cellulite Treatment Trends!  

Chemical Peels: The VI Peel at Suddenly Slimmer Spa in Phoenix and Scottsdale helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration signs of aging, helps reverse sun damage, clears acne, and diminishes acne scars. Vi Peel™ represent a true breakthrough, rendering … Continue reading

02. June 2017 by SuddenlySlimmer
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Top Cosmetic Treatment Trends to look out for in 2017!

Juvederm Vollure XC:  The latest FDA approved filler by Allergan the makers of Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, Latisse, Kybella, CoolSculpting and SkinMedica!  Vollure is a temporary facial filler that uses Allergan’s patented Vycross™ Technology. It’s used for the treatment of … Continue reading

01. May 2017 by SuddenlySlimmer
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Is the Weight Loss from Body Wrap Permanent?

Is the Weight Loss from Body Wrap Permanent? The weight and inches lost via Body Wraps administered using detoxifying agents is real weight, not temporary water weight. The herbal extracts we use, in combination with heat and muscle stimulation, melt … Continue reading

03. March 2017 by SuddenlySlimmer
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Body Detox Water

Adding lemons or limes to your water can help you tremendously with detoxifying. If you’re looking for a deeper detox, call our clinic at (602) 952-8446 to get more information about Glutathione. Glutathione is produced naturally in our bodies. It … Continue reading

07. December 2014 by SuddenlySlimmer
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Many health-conscious people are seeking East Indian spa treatments to achieve a toxin-free body. PHOENIX–In fashion, the words “flowy,” “bold” and “bright” are the buzz words that we all have to keep in mind for 2008. In health and beauty, … Continue reading

26. March 2008 by SuddenlySlimmer
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