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What causes large pores?

Large pores are caused by a variety of factors, and if you know what they are, it can be easier to decide what treatment options will be helpful to you. Dermatologists have studied several factors that causes large pores, and there are three main causes: oily skin, age and sex

Our bodies produce sebum, an oily substance we secrete to keep the skin from drying out. People who have naturally oily skin tend to have larger pores. This happens because when oil and dirt collect in your skin, your skin swells and your pores look larger than they normally would. Another contributing factor is age. As you get older your skin loses its elasticity, which can cause your pores to look bigger. Sun damage also affects the appearance of pores. It makes your skin thicken, causing skin cells to collect around the edges of your pores, which stretch them out. The third main factor is sex (no we don’t mean the bump-and-grind kind). Males tend to have larger pores than females. Women might experience enlarged pores more often during hormonal changes, however, particularly during menstruation.

So what can you do to minimize the appearance of large pores?

To reduce the appearance of large pores, start by keeping them clean. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day, but don’t scrub too much because you don’t want your skin dried out. Using an exfoliating cleanser once a week will also help, because it breaks down dead skin cells that clog pores and can give your skin a smoother appearance.

The beauty experts at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa suggest these three to minimize the appearance of large pores:

  • SkinMedica Tri-retinol Complex – Gently releases retinol, which helps correct and repair sun damage. This product improves the skin’s appearance, improving its texture by minimizing the appearance of large pores. It can also firm up your complexion.
  • Deep Pore Cleansing Facial – Once a month, visit one of Suddenly Slimmer’s skin care experts to do a deep pore cleaning for you. Their beauty experts will have the products and beauty gadgets to gently deep cleanse your skin to clear up skin congestion, blackhead, and provide professional advice on how to prevent from getting clogged up.
  • Laser Skin resurfacing – if you want dramatic results for your large pore problem, a laser skin resurfacing treatment is for you. Suddenly Slimmer uses Pixel Laser, which not only successfully shrinks pores, but can also smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and clear sun-damaged skin.


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