What Are The Advantages That CoolSculpting Offers?

What Are The Advantages That CoolSculpting Offers?
CoolSculpting eliminates stubborn fat located in different parts of the body and does not involve surgery. CoolSculpting is the technique that manages to freeze away unwanted fat cells by applying controlled cold. Patients are happy with the noninvasive technology. It is pretty easy with the CoolSculpting. They have just updated the device, so there is a 35-minute cycle time, as opposed to an hour. From the standpoints of patient ease and satisfaction, it’s great. In terms of patients being able to return to work after receiving CoolSculpting, it’s pretty immediate. The next day, they can go back to exercising; they can go back to work. There’s really no downtime, with the exception of maybe some temporary numbness or tingling sensation

What is CoolSculpting?
Doctors Dieter Manstein and R.Rox Anderson, of the Harvard Medical School created CoolSculpting, the only fat freezing device that is FDA approved. They discovered that fat cells could be targeted with extreme cold to induce lipolysis, the breaking down of fat cells. The temperature at which the cooling takes place is the key to the technology, because fat cells are more sensitive to cold than surrounding tissue; under tightly controlled conditions, fat cells can be frozen while other tissue, including surface skin, is left unharmed. The frozen fat cells die and are gradually eliminated by the body’s immune system. “Cryolipolysis” is the process also known as “Fat Freezing”, it is the secret behind the success of CoolSculpting.

How is CoolSculpting done?
Aesthetic professional that apply the treatment is responsible for managing a control unit with multiple heads that will specifically go through areas where it is localized fat – double chin, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, back, etc. These applicators will exert a slight pressure of vacuum on the skin, which will generate a direct and controlled cooling on fat cells to be eliminated naturally following the metabolic processes of the body.

What are the advantages CoolSculpting offers?
It is completely painless and does not require anesthesia in your application. Coolsculpting is an effective and low-risk option for stubborn zones of fat, and if new fat cells are not added, the results are lasting. Weight loss is an ongoing struggle for many Americans. Exercise and diet are not always sufficient to achieve a toned physique – even those who practice fitness regularly and maintain healthy eating habits sometimes experience stubborn areas of fat accumulation. It is a technique that can be applied in both men and women to eliminate those stubborn localized fat for good!

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