Jeuveau #NEWTOX

Jeuveau #NEWTOX

Jeuveau injections by Dr. Jeffers at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa in Phoenix are a new neuromodulator aka neurotoxin aka “Botox” FDA approved injectable aesthetic treatment for the temporary improvement in the appearance of mild to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabella) in adult patients. Dr. Jeffers can also use Jeuveau “off label” like Botox to soften the lines and creases on the forehead, around the eyes (crow’s feet), around the mouth, on the chin, and around the neck.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jeuveau work?

Jeuveau injection, the medication works by blocking communication between a nerve and its target muscle. This is safe and is the same way Botox, Dysport and Xeomin work. Jeuveau is used for the treatment, control, prevention & temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate and severe fine lines on the face.

Is Jeuveau like Botox? “Jeuveau vs Botox”

Jeuveau is very similar to Botox (which is a proprietary type of neuromodulator). They both are derived from the same bacteria and work similarly to improve the appearance of lines and creases on the face.

Is Jeuveau “NEWTOX” the same as Botox?

Since Botox is a brand name product that is well-established in the market place of cosmetic procedures, Jeauveau is NOT the same as Botox the same way Adidas is NOT the same as Nike although both produce a similar type of athletic wear.

Why should I choose Jeuveau over Botox?

Choosing one brand of neuromodulator over another is often a personal decision based on the patient’s goals and administering clinician’s experience and preference. At Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa, Dr. Jeffers is comfortable with all FDA approved neuromodulators and will work closely with you to figure out what’s right for you.

What is the difference between NEWTOX and traditional Botox?

Jeuveau is a new option in the medical aesthetics market to temporary improve the appearance of facial wrinkles. Botox is still a tried and true excellent treatment that works similarly to Jeuveau.

Can I have Jeuveau if I’ve had Botox injections?

You absolutely can have Jeuveau injected even if you have had Botox treatments in the past. Jeuveau is simply a new type of neuromodulator treatment which is exactly what Botox is.

Where do I find a reputable provider for Jeuveau?

Dr. Jeffers has performed thousands of injectable treatments just like Jeuveau. She’s been a Cosmetic Injector for over 15 years and prides herself on providing the highest level of care.

Is Jeuveau like Dysport? “Jeuveau vs Dysport”

Jeuveau is very similar to Dysport (which is a proprietary type of neuromodulator). They both are derived from the same bacteria and work similarly to improve the appearance of lines and creases on the face.

Is Jeuveau like Xeomin? “Jeuveau vs Xeomin”

Jeauveau is very similar to Xeomin (which is a proprietary type of neuromodulator). They both are derived from the same bacteria and work similarly to improve the appearance of lines and creases on the face.

What areas of the face can be treated with Jeuveau?

Jeuveau was studied and shown to be effective to treat glabellar lines (lines between the eyebrows) aka “11’s.” However, Dr. Jeffers uses this type of injectable treatment to address the forehead, crow’s feet, kisser’s/smoker’s lines, frown lines, teeth grinding and neck bands.

What areas of the body can be treated with Jeuveau?

Though it would be “off-label,” Jeuveau can be used to treat just about any place that Botox, Dysport or Xeomin is used since the Jeuveau is the same family or class of neuromodulator.

Is there downtime with Jeuveau?

There is minimal social downtime with Jeuveau injections when performed by Dr. Jeffers in PHX. There is always a risk of a small bruise, for example. The majority of patients do not look like they have had any treatment minutes after Dr. J completes the injections.

How long does it take to see the results of Jeuveau? When can I see the effects of Jeuveau?

After Dr. Jeffers performs the Jeuveau treatment, patients can see an improvement in lines and creases as early as 2-3 days. It typically can take up to 7-10 days to see the final outcome.

How long does Jeuveau last?

Jeuveau lasts several months and patient satisfaction is still high at even 5 months. Most patients will have anywhere from 3-6 months of longevity.

Why does Jeuveau last longer in some people?

The duration of effect is dependent on a few factors. Every person is different in their muscle mass and metabolism. Some patients have less longevity of neuromodulators because they have greater muscle mass and metabolize the drug faster. Also, the dose administered aka “how many units” plays the biggest role in longevity. More units/greater equals longer lasting results. Finally, the location of treatment makes a difference. An expert plastic surgeon or injector places Jeuveau in the target muscle.

Does Jeuveau hurt?

When having a Jeuveau treatment by Dr. Jeffers in Phoenix, there is minimal amounts of pain or discomfort. Dr. J uses the smallest needles available and most patients liken the sensation to acupuncture or a tiny pinch.

Are there any side effects with Jeuveau versus Botox?

Side effects are present with any neuromodulator injection, though the occurrence of such signs and symptoms is exceedingly rare.

  • Dysphagia
  • Arrhythmia
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Pneumonia
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Erythema
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle weakness

Jeuveau injection may also cause side-effects not listed here.

What are the risks to Jeuveau injections?

The risks include the side effect profile above, but there is always a chance of dissatisfaction of the cosmetic treatment.

Where can I get Jeuveau NEWTOX in PHX?

You can have Jeuveau treatments in PHX / Phoenix City / Arizona at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa with Dr. Jeffers.

How much does Jeuveau cost?

Jeuveau has a favorable safety profile and has the potential to be efficacious in the treatment of mild to severe lines than other products currently on the market.

Who makes Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is made by publicly-traded, established pharmaceutical company, Evolus.

Ready to get started?

Ready to learn more about Jeuveau injections and find out if you are a good candidate? Call 602-952-8446 to schedule a consultation with board certified PHX Physician, Dr. Jeffers.


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