Stem Cells Baldness Restoration with PRP!

Stem Cells Baldness Restoration with PRP!

PRP For Hair Restoration
Benefits of PRP For Hair Restoration: PRP is blood plasma containing a concentration of platelets many times greater than occurs normally in blood. PRP is “autologous”, meaning that it comes from the patient’s own body. This is similar to the practice of having a patient donate his/her own blood before a surgical procedure, to be used in preference to blood from the hospital blood bank should a transfusion be needed. Another example is the removal and transplantation of a patient’s own skin for a plastic surgery procedure. Because PRP is autologous, it has no potential for causing a foreign-body immunologic reaction. PRP is immunologically neutral.

Americans spend between one and four billion dollars a year treating hair loss. Now, four surgeons in the U.S. are testing a stem cell treatment in a non-surgical procedure. Overseas trials in Japan and Egypt are already showing some success.

How does PRP work?

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A small amount of blood (less than 50 ml) is obtained from the patient
Platelet-Rich Plasma is isolated following the centrifugation of blood
PRP is activated with DNA activators (thrombin) and enriched with calcium ions (e.g. calcium chloride)
Activated PRP is injected into the area which is suffering from hair loss in order to stimulate hair growth
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) (syn. autologous platelet gel, plasma-rich growth factors and platelet-concentrated plasma) means “abundant platelets that are concentrated into a small volume of plasma.” The pivotal discovery of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) in promoting wound healing, angiogenesis and tissue remodeling threw light on this novel autologous therapeutic modality. The PDGF signals in cell interactions are required for hair canal formation and growth of dermal mesenchyme, thereby opening newer perspectives for PRP in hair restoration.


Hair loss is a prime concern for many men and women these days – whether it is genetic, due to stress, bad haircare or any medical condition. But with advances in the field and adequate research, various new techniques have cropped up in the market which can combat the condition with ease. Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP is showing impressive results in reversing hair loss.

Hair Restoration may have new hope for millions of others with stem cells and platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, to treat baldness by taking cells that are in our body that help to regenerate or stimulate inactive or dormant hair follicles.

PRP with the patient’s own plasma which has been spun down to be super concentrated. Then injects the mixture into the scalp, twice over a three-month period and already does the procedure for patients who’ve had promising results. Patients are seeing some differences in the density of the hair. We’re waiting for the final results.

PRP process can be used as a respective solo treatment for maintenance and preservation of existing hairs, or it can also be coupled with any of the DHI procedures for hair restoration, allowing partially transacted follicles (cells) to prosper.

Ultimately, the process not only helps hair to regenerate, but the dermis and epidermis area of the donor heal faster.

Benefits when PRP is solely used:

PRP is a safe treatment with no contraindications. As one’s own blood is used during PRP session, thus, potential problems of rejection and allergies are practically eliminated. However, the down time is minimal with no side effects and immediate results.

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Benefits when PRP is used in hair transplant:

It accelerates and enhances the healing process

It cut downs trauma, inflammation and erythema (redness)

It reduces the formation of crust

It lowers patient’s discomfort

Moreover, scientists have observed acceleration in the growth and the revascularization of the follicles, while a noticeable increase in the size of follicles per unit.

It works best in patients with diffuse thinning and miniaturized hair and is equally effective in both men and women.

It can be combined with hair transplant – pre-operatively, intra-operatively, or post-operatively. It not only helps in healthier and faster growth of transplanted hair, but also stimulates the existing thinning hair at the same time.

PRP is also very useful in Female pattern hair loss as women tend to lose their hair all over the scalp, so PRP therapy is an effective alternative to hair transplant surgery and adjunct to medication in women.


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