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Suddenly Slimmer’s Laser Lipo & Body Sculpting treatment is advanced medical procedure. This minimally invasive fat removal procedure utilizes i-LipoXcell laser to liquefy and eliminate areas of unwanted fat and tighten the skin of the area being treated.  Popular areas for fat removal and skin tightening include the abdomen, arms, bra rolls, back, buttocks, chest (male), love handles, hips, neck chin & jowls, thighs and waist.

laser-lipo-fat-removal-inphoenix-scottsdale-arizonaExtremely affordable
Lose inches in one visit
No side effects, no needles, No pain and no downtime
Common areas include Abdomen,
Arms, Waist, Neck, & Thighs
Performed by our team of experienced Certified Laser Technician
Tightens the skin and reduces sagging
for a contoured silhouette
Melts unwanted fat
resistant to diet and exercise
Great for Previous Liposuction Revision to "melt" remaining unwanted fat,
smooth out dents and dimples, and tighten the skin
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laser-liposuction-in-phoenix-scottsdale-tempe-azMany celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Khloe Kardashian opt for i-LipoXcell laser in order to achieve fat removal, the non surgical way! Celebrities get i Lipo treatments in order to remove belly and back fat! FDA approved advanced medical procedure. Khloe has experienced i-Lipo's targeted fat reduction for herself and loved it! Congratulations to Khloe for all the hard work she has done to get the figure she wants. And thanks to her for letting i-Lipo be a part of the success. Check out the story in the June 24 issue of OK Magazine.


What is Laser Lipo?
Traditional liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction (e.g., Vaser) and laser liposuction are all forms of liposuction, using different approaches to injure fat and reduce or remove it.

How Does Laser Lipo Work To Get Rid Of Fat?
i-LipoXcell Laser The intelligent alternative to Liposuction!  Laser Lipo by i-LipoXcell Laser is the revolutionary laser system that incorporates low level laser technology (LLLT) to deliver targeted fat reduction and body shaping results in as little as 20 minutes, without pain and without dieting. i-Lipo stimulates fat cells to naturally break down their stored triglycerides, shrinking the fat cells to deliver immediate body contouring and inch lost results. i-Lipo is the first direct skin contact laser device designed for fat reduction and body contouring to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction.

How many Laser Lipo & Body Sculpting treatments are required?
Typically, just eight  LaserLipo & Body Sculpting treatment is required per area being treated. Occasionally, a touch-up may be required.

Laser Lipo Before & After Images
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"I've been going to Suddenly Slimmer Medical Spa since earlier this year and I absolutely LOVE  Dannielli. I've been dealing with problem acne skin for most of my adult life and after my acne treatment  and using the products Dannielli recommended for me to use at home, I noticed a HUGE difference. My skin hasn't felt this great in years! Dannielli genuinely cares about your skin. She doesn't try to sell products instead she educates you about what ingredients work best to treat  acne and remove acne scars. Her goal is to get your skin to a stage where you don't need to come to her as much.  She has decades of experience. Plan accordingly to get an appointment, she gets booked one to two months in advance. She spends one hour and thirty minutes on each of her full facials. I've gone to her with severely clogged skin and let me tell you - I have never had extractions like this before. She got EVERYTHING out & was extremely patient in doing so. I always expect to walk out of a facial with battered skin but I often come out of a facial looking BETTER than when I went in. I am not kidding!  I highly recommend Dannielli if you are looking for glowing skin!"
Casey P. - Phoenix, AZ

"I made my first appointment after seeing the great reviews, I was definitely not disappointed. The med spa is beautiful and very high tech, they have all the latest laser technology, its cozy and intimate. I went in with a serious acne scar problem, the esthetican laser technician I saw was very professional and did a full consultation on my skin to determine best treatment. That alone made me feel confident about her knowledge in how to deal with my acne scars, she recommended laser skin resurfacing. I said, "Do what you want to me, I trust you!"  Over the next few weeks I definitely noticed the change in my skin.  Now one month later my skin looks AMAZING! no more acne scars, my skin is smooth as a baby.  I'm extremely happy with my results and tell all my friends about Suddenly Slimmer Medical Spa."
Elein T. - Scottsdale, AZ

"I just went for my acne + oxygen facial yesterday and was pleased as always. I've always had trouble with blemishes and acne so I've had many facials from different Estheticians. Dannielli is great at providing a relaxing yet thorough cleanse. Yes, the procedure for pore cleansing can be replicated by many, but the additional services such as hand, arm, neck, scalp massages along with the facial really make it a top notch deal. On top of that, I've purchased some of the products they use such as the Obagi and Skinmedica acne medication treatments, and it seems to really reduce unwanted pimples. I normally don't splurge, but when it comes to high quality treatment for acne prevention, I know it's well worth it.."
Liana C. - Tempe, AZ

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