August 2022 Monthly Specials

Botox | Dysport

BOTOX  20% off

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BOTOX: $10.99 unit (reg. $13 unit)
minimum 30 units

Plus, receive $75 off an instant Alle rebate when you receive 64 units of Botox or more. while supplies last. 

DYSPORT: $4.25 unit (reg. $4.99)
minimum 50 units. (while supplies last)

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Dermal Filler

Summer of Savings! $75 off instant ALLE rebate when you receive one full syringe of Voluma, Vollure, or Volbella!  While supplies last. 

$75 off instant ASPIRE rebate when you receive one syringe of Restylane Lyft, Defyne, or Contour!  While supplies last. 

Rejuvenate your Lips

The lips are arguably the most alluring feature on a woman’s face. They can create an immediate and lasting first impression and can greatly enhance your overall beauty.

Frown lines and thinning lips not only make us look older, but they can also make us look unhappy or unpleasant. With a Lip enhancement procedure by Suddenly Slimmer, your lips will look substantially fuller, younger, and more defined.

How much are lip fillers?

Lip Filler injection starts at $499 and goes up from there depending on the current size of your lips, shape, and size you are wanting to achieve. When you come in for your consultation one of our licensed medical professionals will assess your lips to determine which filler will be best for you and what the cost will be of your customized lip filler treatment.  

We now offer Cherry 🍒 Payment Plan. Cherry allows you to buy now, and pay later. You can break payments down into smaller affordable amounts. Please visit this link to apply

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FaceLift | Skin Tightening

PDO Threading
If you’re looking to tighten and lift your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, gaunt facial features, or skin laxity of the face, neck, or any part of your body, you are a good candidate for a PDO thread lift. You are a particularly good candidate for this treatment if you want an instant facial lift but don’t have the time or money to commit to a traditional facelift.

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Vivace MicroNeedling + Radio Frequency
Vivace combines the latest advancement in Microneedling, Radio Frequency (RF), and LED technologies. Vivace RF MicroNeedling safely and effectively returns your skin to a more youthful and radiant state. Vivace treatment is one of the most effective skin-tightening treatments available designed to improve fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the face, neck, eyes, mouth, and cheeks. Also, an outstanding treatment for acne scars and skin discoloration.
$100 off 1st session or
Buy 3 reg. price, Get 15% off! 

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Need a Neck Lift? Coming Right Up!

Hyperdiluted Radiesse Neck – Do wrinkles, crinkles, and fine lines bother you?!?! Would you like smoother, firmer skin with youthful elasticity? Radiesse is a collagen-stimulating filler that not only lifts the skin and replaces lost volume but also improves skin texture and elasticity. Radiesse can be hyper-diluted and used as a skin rejuvenator.

When Radiesse is hyper-diluted (mixed with saline and lidocaine to thin it out) and injected superficially under aging skin, it acts as a bio-stimulating agent.

The skin rejuvenating effects of this treatment are pronounced and visible, with collagen and elastin production starting as early as 4 weeks after injection. This results in long-term skin tightening with progressive natural dermal thickening. This means that fine lines, “Crepiness”, and skin laxity are reduced. The tone, elasticity, and pliability of skin are markedly improved.

Fat Loss | Cellulite


Freeze away unwanted fat with FDA-approved Coolsculpting! CoolSculpting is the only FDA-approved technology that will permanently get rid of unwanted fat! 

Buy 1 cycle (reg. price), get the 2nd cycle half off

Buy 3 cycles (reg. price), and get the 1 cycle for FREE!

Body Sculpting Ultrasound + Radio Frequency (Burn it & tighten it up) –  Buttocks or Thighs 20% OFF (reg. price)

Cellulite and Fat Loss treatment that feels like a hot stone massage? Yes please! VShape Ultrasound + Radio Frequency is great to tighten loose skin, kill fat and reduce cellulite appearance! Exclusively available @suddenlyslimmer …

Radio frequency (RF) technology represents a new frontier for the treatment of Cellulite, Loose Skin, Fine Lines, and Wrinkles.

Radio Frequency energy heats up different layers of the skin, which results in tighter skin, new collagen formation, helping to tighten loose skin, and smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles.

Ultrasound energy destroys the walls of fat cells 🧀 in your body and releases that fat in the form of triglycerides. Those triglycerides are then processed through the liver and eliminated from the body naturally.

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Sculptra ButtLift

Sculptra ButtLift Injection helps to stimulate collagen production in the deeper layers adding fullness, contouring, and lifting the butt, giving the appearance of a perky bum 🍑.

Sculptra is one of the most natural ways to get a perky, taut butt! A well-rounded derrière looks so voluptuous and aesthetically beautiful and youthful! Sculptra butt augmentation is becoming so popular. Sculptra is a treatment that grows your own collagen, fills in cellulite dimples, and makes the skin smoother. There’s no downtime, no surgery, and no exercise limitations.

Get rid of sagging and cellulite dimples! Sculptra is the only product on the market that can actually stimulate collagen.

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Weight loss | Body Wrap

New! New! New! Exciting!!

Physician Supervised  | Peptide Weight loss program + Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellet – Special – $50 OFF

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Lose 6 to 30 Inches Guaranteed in your first wrap!

Fat Burner Body Wrap

Buy 3 (reg. price), Get one FREE!

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Our Talented Cosmetic Injectors

We are happy to introduce our incredibly talented, experienced Cosmetic Injectors, Dr. Suze, Dannielli RN, and Sylvia RN! Combined they have over 20 years of experience in the medical Aesthetics field. As cosmetic injectors with combined 20+ years of experience in the medical Aesthetics field, they know the face anatomy inside and out. This allows them to strategically place Botox and fillers exactly where they will provide the most effective results while maintaining your natural look. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Please call or text to schedule a complimentary consultation with our gifted injectors.



Facial & Peel

The HydraFacial is a great facial for all skin types and conditions, whether it’s acne or dry skin. The treatment includes deep pore cleansing, vortex, extraction, exfoliation, peel, and hydration. Also called hydro dermabrasion, it is applied with a wand that sucks out dead skin, bacteria, and debris while infusing targeted serums.

We offer 3 different types of HydraFacial: Signature HydraFacial (30 min), Deluxe HydraFacial (45 min), and Platinum  HydraFacial (50 min).

Signature Hydrafacial $20 OFF

Deluxe Hydrafacial $30 OFF

Platinum Hydrafacial $40 Off

Dermaplaning Facial (50 min)🔪
Nothing feels quite as good as taking 15 weeks of hair, dead skin, old makeup, peach 🍑 fuzz hair. Book a Dermaplaning Facial today or add a Dermaplaning treatment to your next facial and experience softer, smoother, and more even skin texture 🤗

Special: $20 OFF

NEW! HydraFacial Perk Eye & Perk Lip.

Diamond Glow Facial
Powerfully addresses imperfections, clearing clogged pores, hydrating skin, and promoting clearer skin.
Receive a $20 off instant Alle rebate. 
(while supplies last)
Buy 3 (reg. price), Get 1 FREE

MicroNeedling + HA  (Face) 
Buy 3 (reg. price), Get 1 FREE

MicroNeedling + PRP (Face or Face + Neck) 
Buy 3 (reg. price), Get 1 FREE

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Skin Discoloration

Reverse sun damage, and hyperpigmentation, minimize fine lines, and even skin tone, and reduce acne scarring with a Vi Peel. Isn’t it time to begin living a life with beautiful skin?
Buy 3 reg. price, Get 15% off!


IPL Photofacial is a revolutionary advance in laser cosmetics that removes discoloration and textural irregularities, resulting in the appearance of healthier, brighter, and more vibrant skin.
Buy 3 reg. price, Get 15% off!


The Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment will Rejuvenate and re-texturize your face,  hands, and neck, illuminate skin tone, refine and reduce pore size, and prevent signs of aging!
(Face -or- Neck -or- Chest):
Special $375 (reg. $500)

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Scaring | Stretch Marks | Wrinkles

CO2 Laser Advanced technology with maximum results!

The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser has been known to provide some of the most dramatic, age-defying results in the treatment of challenging skin imperfections including Skin Discoloration, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin, Age Spots,  Stretch Marks.

Advanced technology with maximum results! The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser has been known to provide some of the most dramatic, age-defying results in the treatment of challenging skin imperfections including:

20% OFF (Face & Neck)
15% OFF CO2 Laser (Face)
15% OFF CO2 Laser (Dark Under Eyes Circles & Bags)

PIXEL RF – Excellent for ACNE SCARS

Buy 3, Get ONE FREE!

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Laser Hair Removal


Try the Soprano Ice laser for fast, effective, and pain-free treatments! The only technology that works for all skin colors!


FemiLift Laser


FemiLift is a non-surgical, quick, and safe solution for various common feminine issues, such as Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), vaginal tightness, dryness and recurring infections, and more.

Special: 25% off Three FemiLift Laser Sessions 

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Thicken and Lengthen Your Lashes Today!

Buy 1 Latisse (5ml)  $220 (reg. $245)

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Skin Care Products

Obagi/Skin Medica

SKINMEDICA -Buy 1 TNS, + HA5 Combo – $75 OFF
OBAGI Clear+Blender combo= $40 OFF

MarcelinoMD Advanced Skin Care – $20 OFF

Sculpt Neck & Décolleté Creme – rich in Peptides to tighten the skin!

Peptide Stem Cell CremePeptide Stem Cell Crème is rich in hydration infused with Plant Stem Cells and powerful Peptides. Infused with a wealth of antioxidants such as Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, and Argan Oil, moisture is delivered to the skin via water-based

Financing Option

Cherry 🍒 Payment Plan

Patients can split purchases into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.

  • Applying with Cherry has zero impact on your credit.
  • Fast, easy, no gimmick application process.
  • Painless repayment process with autopay and self-payment options.
  • Please visit this link to apply


CareCredit Financing

With CareCredit, you can purchase that new spa treatment you’ve been wanting, purchase more treatments using a same-day package, or simply return for your favorite spa services more frequently.

PLEASE NOTE:  Cherry & CareCredit can only be accepted as a form of payment towards full-price single service or towards discounted series.


EXP: 8/15/22. Cannot be combined with any other specials. Payment accepted cash or credit card. Cherry and Care Credit can only be accepted as a form of payment towards a full-price single service or discounted series of laser or CoolSculpting treatments.  SpaFinder, SpaWish, and SpaWeek will not be accepted as a form of payment towards discounted service, only towards full-price treatment. Price adjustments will not be made on previous purchases.

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