Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Offering expert Lip augmentation in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ for over 20 years! Our Physicians and Nurses are experts when it comes to Lip Injection!

The lips are arguably the most alluring feature on a woman’s face. They can create an immediate and lasting first impression and can greatly enhance your overall beauty.

Frown lines and thinning lips not only make us look older, they can make us look unhappy or unpleasant. With a single enhancement procedure by Suddenly Slimmer Physicians and Nurses, your lips will look substantially fuller, younger and more defined. After a simple, thirty-minute procedure, you will leave our office ready to show off your new, plumper lips and will no longer have to rely on makeup or other short-term solutions.

Lower lips typically have a uniform shape all the way across, with a slight volume enhancement centrally. The lower lip volume should slightly outbalance the upper lip in order to maintain balance. Injection strategies should seek to avoid too much puffiness of the lip when viewed from the side and incorporate more vertical height enhancement when viewed from the front.

0.5-1mL of filler is a good typical initial lip volume strategy. Volumes greater than 1mL should be reserved for patients wanting substantial lip volume and often is best done 2 weeks after the initial lip injection procedure. Our Physicians and Nurses keep careful notes of injection volumes and strategies in order to ensure similar results for future treatments and to allow for adjustments in any area(s) that may have been over or under treated at the previous visit.

When shaping lips, one must consider definition, which typically results from injections along the white roll, or the edge where lips transition to the regular skin. Philtral collums going from the nasal base to the upper lip can have a substantial role in upper lip aesthetics. In addition to definition, shape and volume are significant considerations in lip aesthetics. Different injection zones for shape and volume exist, which can be critically important for making the upper lip appear natural. The upper lip should have a variation across its lower border, like a seagull. When injectors don’t pay attention to the shaping aspect, a sausage upper lip can result, which can look significantly artificial.

The treatment, as performed in our state of the art Phoenix | Scottsdale AZ City office, is recommended to patients of all ages, but can have particularly special implications for older patients. This is because, as we age, our lips tend to thin out and lose fat, causing us to look and feel older or less attractive. Luckily, there are a variety of lip injection options available, each of which our Physicians and nurses have particular expertise in performing. Together, you will design a course of action that is tailored to best suit your needs and goals so that your lips look as plump as ever without looking overdone.

The best lip injections are ones that are hyaluronic acid (HA)based. HA is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. Along with collagen, it makes up the dermal layer of our lips. Hyaluronic acid attracts water which contributes to the hydration and fullness of the lips. Injected HA allows the lips to retain more water and thus more volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers have surpassed traditional collagen fillers as the best lip enhancement technique. Collagen is reabsorbed by the body’s metabolic processes much sooner than HA fillers, and the results are not as promising. Among the most frequent Hyaluronic acid lip fillers used by our Physicians and Nurses are:

Vollure Dermal Filler – One of our Aesthetic Cosmetic, Injectors, Specialty is in using Juvederm Vollure to enhance lips. Vollure is a new lip filler from the Juvederm family of dermal fillers. Vollure is a hyaluronic acid gel that provides smooth, natural-looking, subtle results for patients who desire fuller, more youthful looking lips. Vollure has successfully been used under the name Juvederm Volift in Europe and Canada since 2007. In addition, the longevity 1.5 years for Vollure.

Juvederm – Probably the most common hyaluronic acid filler, Juvederm can make your lips look more pronounced, hydrated, and voluminous for an entire year. Typical initial injection durations can be 6-9 months, with longevity increasing with future treatments.

Restylane – This injection rejuvenates the lips as well as the entire face, and is most highly recommended for patients with pronounced lip wrinkling. Restylane is recommended for patients wanting more substantial definition to the lips. Due to its unique molding property, when compared to Juvederm, Restylane can better provide definition in the lips where as Juvederm produces fullness. Both products typically last 6-9 months in the lip region.

Recovery from lip injections No special recovery is required for these injections. Patients should avoid manipulating their lips for 2-3 hours after injections. Typically a 20% enlargement is noted in the first 24 hours due to swelling. Steroid creams and icing can be used to minimize this reaction. Lips will return to injection volume by 48 hours and then soften over 2-3 weeks, at which time lumpiness should be gone and the lips should feel soft and full. Lip Enhancement Consultation with Physicians and Nurses, at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa in Phoenix | Scottsdale Arizona, is easy, treatment can be done same day as the consultation. Please call us to schedule a consultation 602-952-8446 or Book Online! When deciding to undergo a lip enhancement procedure, it is important to consult a specialist who is aware that the treatment can leave a patient looking fake, with “duck lips” or a “trout pout.” The doctors and nurses at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa have been recognized as some of the best lip enhancement specialists in Arizona, they are determined to give patients the most natural looking results. They understand that symmetry and balance must be maintained in each patient’s facial anatomy, and has the necessary experience to determine exactly which formula to use, how much to inject, and precisely where the site of injection should be. Because each of these factors can range from patient to patient, they must be custom tailored to fit your entire look without drawing negative attention to your new, luscious lips. Call us today and schedule a consultation appointment to see if a lip enhancement is right for you.


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