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Radiesse ButtLift (BBL) Pre and Post Care

RADIESSE (BBL) PRE-TREATMENT INSTRUCTIONS  Avoid the use of Aspirin, NSAIDS, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Supplements, Green Tea, Flax Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamins A, and E, and essential fatty acids for up to 1-week pre-and post-injection as they will increase your risk of bruising.  Do not drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours before (or after) treatment to… Continue Reading


PDO Thread Lift Pre & Post Care

The PDO thread procedure focuses on lifting your facial features to ensure naturally younger-looking skin. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines and promotes the production of collagen to add more volume to the treated area. Following this PDO thread before and aftercare instructions are crucial to ensure you have beautiful results. Here are a few… Continue Reading


Sculptra ButtLift Pre & Post Care Instructions

SCULPTRA FOR BBL PRE-TREATMENT INSTRUCTIONS TWO WEEKS BEFORE INJECTIONS • Foods and Medications to Avoid. Two weeks before your appointment try to avoid nuts, seeds, fish, fish oil, NSAIDs, supplements, and anything that prolongs bleeding. This will significantly help minimize bruising, bleeding, and swelling. • Arnica Supplements. You can start Arnica supplements a week prior… Continue Reading


How to reverse Botox effect if you experience droopy eyelids

A possible side effect of Botox or Dysport (botulinum toxin) injection into the upper third of the face is ptosis or lid droop. Therapies recommended for treating ptosis resulting from administration of Botox/Dysport (botulinum toxins A and B) are: Iopidine (apraclonidine 0.5 %) eye drops. Your doctor may prescribe special eyedrops called apraclonidine, which tightens… Continue Reading


Pairing Hydrafacial with Clear and Brilliant for BEST results

The HydraFacial MD system paired together with Clear and Brilliant, ClearLift Laser will lead you to nothing but great results! The HydraFacial system and Clear and Brilliant are ideal treatments for every patient. Both systems can be used on any skin type, any age, any time of the year. (Best results without sun exposure) There is no downtime from… Continue Reading

Can I get a Vi Peel after receiving a Lip Blush treatment?

Lip blush is a form of tattooing so we would suggest waiting until all inflammation has reduced and healing is complete. The VI Practitioner will also want to apply a barrier cream to the lips on the day of application to prevent lifting any of the tattoo pigment.


Should I elect to have a dental block prior to my facial dermal filler?

Local anesthesia, both topical and injectable forms (dental block numbing), can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers to provide additional comfort. Some brands, such as Juvederm XC Voluma XC, have 0.3% lidocaine in the injectable product itself. However, some patients may still choose to have a “dental block” prior to filler injection. A dental… Continue Reading


Classic lip filler vs Russian lips

What is your favorite Lip Filler treatment, let us know why in the comments! Classic lip filler or Russian lips? We can’t decide ⁠ ⁠ Whichever treatment is your favorite, Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa has the perfect Dermal Filler that you can use on your lips! For Russian lips, our Juvederm is a great option!… Continue Reading


What Causes Botox To Wear Off?

There are a few factors that influence Botox how long it takes to wear off: The longevity of Botox lasts anywhere from 2-6 months. The average longevity lasts about 3-4 months. So, why does Botox eventually stop working? Your body makes new neurotransmitters all the time, so the “blocking” effect of Botox gradually wears off… Continue Reading


Kybella After Care Instructions

After your Kybella injections, it is normal to have some swelling, pinpoint bleeding, and bruising underneath the chin. Due to the numbing creme applied for your procedure, you will still feel numb for another 1-2 hours after your procedure. Please be sure to follow our post-procedure instructions in order to minimize swelling, bruising and decrease… Continue Reading

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