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Body Wrap Phoenix

Lose 6 to 30 Inches with Suddenly Slimmer Body Wraps!


We are proud to be the only Med Spa in Arizona to offer the original, Physician supervised, exclusive, guaranteed inch-loss body wrap since 1988!

The Body Wrap by Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is guaranteed to remove 6 to 30 inches from the body in the very first visit. Often copied by other companies over the years, our body wraps stand above the rest due to the quality of our minerals. Plus, our proprietary technology, used in our wrap concentrates, is not available anywhere else.

The body wrap works by detoxifying the body. A Licensed Technician starts by measuring the body in several areas, then wrapping the body from head-to-toe in ace bandages that are soaked in a high concentration of the mineral solution. Minerals are the building block of the body. The process of hydrating the body with minerals helps the body to flush out toxins that are caused by consuming too much salt, sugar, carbohydrate, and alcohol. The detoxification process assists the body to lose inches. The slimming body wrap by Suddenly Slimmer takes about 60 minutes.

We always recommend that our patients maintain a healthy diet, while going through our body wrap program, a diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

The Suddenly Slimmer Body Wrap can assist in slimming, detoxifying, tightening, and improving cellulite appearance.

We have lots of imitators but Suddenly Slimmer is the home of the original and only inch loss slimming body wrap in Arizona! In business since 1988! Suddenly Slimmer is the only body wrap that has been featured on Ellen Degeneres, Rachael Ray, Entertainment Tonight, E! News, Tyra Banks Show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, 3TV, and FOX 10 NEWS!

When Tyra Banks demonstrated Suddenly Slimmer’s Slimming Body Wrap treatment on her syndicated talk show, she lost more than 9 inches (23 centimeters) total and noticed a difference in the way clothes were fitting her after the treatment. (*results may vary)


How To Prepare For A Body Wrap?

Please visit this link to learn how to prepare for a body wrap.

Did you know that the human body is made up of minerals?

That means it’s really important to always take a good mineral supplement. This will help the body to detoxify (whenever you detox the body you lose inches and weight) and also helps to keep the skin nice and tight and young! Minerals are not vitamins.

Suddenly Slimmer is proud to offer the highest quality mineral supplement which should be taken every day, it’s called Mineral Magic. Mineral Magic comes in a liquid form which is the best way to take supplements because the liquid gets delivered right into the bloodstream which makes it stronger than taking a capsule supplement.

How can I be sure Suddenly Slimmer’s wraps aren’t dehydrating?

Whereas the other (dehydrative) body wraps advise against getting more than one body wrap a week, we plainly state in all our literature that you can safely get as many wraps in one day as you want. There’s no medical contraindication to doing so. If our wraps were dehydrative, there’s no way we could safely do this.

How will I look?

Men and women will look inches slimmer on their first body wrap alone. We always take into consideration that each person is different and may have specific goals in mind.

Are there any medical considerations?

There are no specific conditions that are listed as strict contraindications for getting a body wrap; however, common sense dictates. If you are on medication or have any physical problems, you should consult your physician.

Will I lose weight with the wraps?

A slimmer appearance, not pounds, is what the Suddenly Slimmer in Phoenix Arizona electrolyte-mineral body wraps are designed for. Any weight you lose is a bonus! We have found that when you detox your body you will start to naturally lose weight but what we guarantee is inches lost.

What does the body wrap do for skin?

Skin appears smoother and tighter after a body wrap. Many of our patrons enjoy this after weight loss, pregnancy or in reducing the signs of aging.

Can it help a double chin or round face?

Certainly! Part of the body wrap process involves wrapping the face. The same visual slimming process that helps your entire body also helps these problem areas on your face. In fact, we insist that we wrap your face when we wrap your entire body.

What about the problem of hips, thighs, and legs?

Suddenly Slimmer body wraps and special supplements help to produce a more visually aesthetic contour.

How many wraps will I need?

It takes about 10 wraps to appear a dress size smaller. To maximize the results, you should come in for a body wrap once or twice a week, until your skin appears tighter and your objectives are met. Then, maintenance body wraps are indicated about every 8 weeks. For special occasions, such as weddings you can get multiple body wraps in one day which will give you dramatic results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to wear?

Women are wrapped in bra and panties (full back underwear is required. Please do not use tong underwear) . This is all done in complete privacy, of course. The bra and panties should be cotton, and the bra should not have an underwire. Men wear swim trunks, but again these should be cotton. The undergarments you’re wrapped in will be thoroughly wet when done, so you should bring an extra pair to change into after your wrap.

Are the body wraps painful?

No. The body wraps aren’t painful.

Will I be able to rest while wrapped?

We recommend that you stay up and active for the duration of the body wrap. This helps increase circulation. The activity we recommend is not strenuous; rather, just staying up and moving around in our fun machines like the Tony Little’s Gazelle Glider which looks like a skiing machine or our fun Power Plate machine which workout your body for you. Power Plate is a resistance machine providing an outcome similar to, and even more beneficial than, working out with free weights or weight-bearing equipment. Madonna reportedly used it to whip her 48-year-old body into its current Mighty Mouse condition. A gaggle of other celebrities and models — such as Sean “Diddy” Combs and Heidi Klum — unofficially have been linked to it.

The Power Plate is the machine some of the top Hollywood stars use to stay in shape and its an extra bonus that you are able to enjoy while you are body wrapped in our exclusive inch loss and detox body wraps! The reason we have you move around while you are wrapped is to help improve your circulation allowing better assimilation of our exclusive inch loss & detox mineral wrap solution.

What is the difference between Suddenly Slimmer's body wrap and other wraps in the market?

The difference between Suddenly Slimmer body wraps and other wraps in the market is that we are actually hydrating the body with essential minerals instead of dehydrating the body in order to cause you to lose inches. We do not wrap you in plastic and then put a blanket over you and watch you sweet of water weight. There is no sweating involved with our detoxifying and slimming body wraps.

We start our body wrap process by wrapping you in elastic ace bandages that have been soaked in a high concentration of mineral solutions. The body absorbs the minerals that you are wrapped in through the pores of the skin and then it starts to use the minerals to detoxify itself. The Body Wrap is again a very simple process but gives very powerful results! Let’s go over it again how the process works: We start by hydrating the body with a high concentration of quality minerals and then the body starts to naturally detoxify itself from all the junk we put into our body and in turn we lose inches… What could be more simple than that? Clients ask me all the time if slimming and detox body wraps are harmful to the body and my answer is always absolutely not. It’s actually extremely good for the body if you think about it since we are putting essential minerals back into the body, these are minerals that your body needs to function and in exchange, the minerals are removing toxins that are created by eating too much of the good stuff.

What do we mean when we say the wraps help to detox the body from too much of the good stuff?

We are talking about all the foods or drinks we like to consume which taste good but are usually not good for our bodies such as sugar, alcohol, highly processed food. These taste good foods hold no nutrients for the body, they actually take our nutrients away.

Unfortunately most of our foods now days are full of toxins, even our fruits and vegetables are artificially grown or made to grow with pesticides. If you don’t believe me just check out this report by NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council) about Food, Farming & Pesticides. In this report, NRDC talks about how pesticides are used to grow fruits and vegetables despite the hazard that they pose to the environment and human health, especially children. Some people may say that the amount of pesticide exposure one gets by the time vegetables and fruits reach our supermarket is very low but, think about it if you are constantly ingesting these low dose of pesticide and if you don’t do anything to detoxify your body then slowly you are creating a high dose of toxic build up in your system which is very harmful to your health. In my option any dose of pesticide in my body is toxic.


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Am I Body Wrap Phoenix Candidate?

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new client? Receive up to 20% off your first treatment

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