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Are you one of the thousands living with bad tattoos or are you just tired of your tattoo? Suddenly Slimmer Spa Laser tattoo removal is the most effective, non-invasive method of safe tattoo removal available in Scottsdale & Phoenix AZ. .

How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?
Fees for tattoo removal are per treatment and determined by size, color and complexity of each unique tattoo. We do offer a discount for prepayment of 4 or more treatments. During your complimentary initial consultation your tattoo will be examined and a price per treatment and estimated number of treatments required will be provided. It is important to note that many tattoo removal centers use less expensive and less powerful 'all-in-one' laser systems which in many cases require twice as many treatments than would be required using the more powerful laser systems available at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa. 

We often treat patients who have finished their 'packages' at other centers with only slight fading of a tattoo requiring additional treatments for complete removal. We also offer financing for tattoo removal. More information on financing can be requested at time of consultation.

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***Please be aware that with any wellness program, individual results may vary.



Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

We are proud to offer the latest and best laser tattoo removal system treatment in Arizona.  Our laser tattoo removal is the most comfortable, because its done by experienced certified laser technician, they use strong lidocaine numbing cream, Zimmer cooler, which cools the skin throghout treatment. The combination of using the numbing cream together with cooling the skin to 20C minimizes any discomfort.

If I have Dark Skin. Will Suddenly Slimmer's Laser Tattoo Removal Work For Me?
We are happy to say yes! Because we use the latest laser tattoo removal technology that is safe and effective on all skin types.

After Tattoo Removal How Will My Skin Look?

At first you may see redness and maybe swelling. In very rare cases, the skin might blister. Be sure to stay away from sunlight following laser tattoo removal. Do not expose the treated area to sunlight following treatment. In most cases, after treatment plan is completed, your skin will return to its original, blemish free, pre-tattoo condition, without scarring. 

Suddenly Slimmer's licensed laser technicians are expert in Tattoo Removal. Featured on Phoenix FOX 10 News, Good Morning Arizona, Sonoran Living Channel 15 News in Phoenix | Scottsdale Arizona.


Is It Common to Scar Where My Tattoo/Birthmark/Freckle Was?
Most patient do not experience scarring, but it can occur. To avoid scaring,  do not pop blister, if you happen to blister be sure to apply bacitracin since this could lead to a scar.

What Can I Expect During Laser Tattoo Removal?
Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, the number of treatments will vary. Your tattoo may be removed in two to four visits, though many more sessions may be necessary.  You should schedule a consultation, during which time a trained professional will evaluate your personal situation and advise you on the process.

Treatment with the laser varies from patient to patient depending on the age, size, and type of tattoo (amateur or professional). The color of the patient's skin, as well as the depth to which the tattoo pigment extends, will also affect the removal technique.

In general, this is what will happen during an office visit for tattoo removal using the newer lasers:

Protective eye shields are placed on the patient.

The skin's reaction to the laser is tested to determine the most effective energy for treatment.

The treatment itself consists of placing a hand piece against the surface of the skin and activating the laser light. As many patients describe it, each pulse feels like a grease splatter or the snapping of a rubber band against the skin.

Smaller tattoos require fewer pulses while larger ones require more. In either case, the tattoo requires several treatments and multiple visits. At each treatment, the tattoo should become progressively lighter.

Immediately following treatment, an ice pack is applied to soothe the treated area. The patient will then be asked to apply a topical antibiotic cream or ointment. A bandage or patch will be used to protect the site and it should likewise be covered with a sun block when out in the sun.

Most patients do not require any anesthesia. However, depending on the location of the tattoo and the pain threshold for the patient, the physician may elect to use some form of anesthesia (topical anesthesia cream or painkiller injections at the site of the procedure).

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* "I went to Suddenly Slimmer Spa in Phoenix for laser removal of a tattoo and was very pleased with the results. It's virtually gone, no one can tell that I ever had a tattoo now. It took about 6 sessions (everyone's tattoo is different and will require varying amounts of treatment). I applied the medicated numbing cream as well as took some Advil before each session. If you got the tattoo in the first place- the laser tattoo discomfort is pretty much the same. Saharra is a specialist in TATTOO REMOVAL. I am not sure that I would trust a non-doctor for anything but that. She has never represented herself as a doctor. I am very, very pleased with the results of my tattoo removal, especially for the price.
Vanessa R. - Phoenix, AZ  *results may vary

* ":After four laser tattoo removal treatments, my tattoo is GONE! Big thank you to Suddenly Slimmer Spa, and Saharra. She is not only a fantastic and kind person, but she is very, very good at what she does. I saw a very pricey cosmetic dermatologist in Scottsdale, and her tattoo removal treatments were not at all effective (two years of treatments with minimal results). Once I began seeing Saharra, I saw a HUGE difference in the results. Anyway, Suddenly Slimmer Spa is phenomenal, Saharra is fantastic. Great results."
Sarah C. - Scottsdale, AZ  *results may vary

* "Have gone here several times now for removal of a horrible (and badly done) mistake from when I was 18, and I highly recommend checking it out  if you are considering having a tattoo removed. Their prices are fair compared to other places, and it is definitely effective. The process is not fun but this place makes it a little easier. I have never had a problem getting an appointment and they are even open on Saturdays. It is a clean and comfortable office. Dannielli is very sweet and sincere woman, and is very honest with what to expect for your results."
Erin B.. - Tempe, AZ  *results may vary

***Please be aware that with any wellness program, individual results may vary.

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