A beauty expert’s take on the presidentail candidates’ looks

Many media historians would say that one of the deciding factor of John F. Kennedy’s win against Richard Nixon for the presidency was his good looks. It was the dawn of televised debates and voters certainly placed their faith on the candidate, who not only was intelligent, but was easy on the eyes.

Fast forward to the age of over exposure, and right now, there isn’t a day that goes by when we are bombarded by stories, photos and videos of candidates. And with everything in high definition, let’s face it, ALL of them could use a little appearance rejuvenation that cold possible make or break their candidacy.

For example:
Donald Trump – Mr. Trump could use Botox, or rather, “Brotox,” to get rid of his crow’s feet. Being outdoors constantly has also done some damage to his skin, and and IPL Photofacial treatment will do the trick in resurfacing his skin. He, too, has a double chin, and the CoolSculpting Coolmini can diminish that jowl and give him a more refreshed, youthful and chiseled appearance.
Hillary Clinton – Could use some skin rejuvenation: Botox to smooth away frown lines, ClearLift Laser to firm and tighten skin under the eye to help diminish under-eye bags, which will refresh her overall appearance. A combination of CoolSculpting CoolMini action can get rid of Ms. Clinton’s double chin appearance, plus Pixel RF to tighten chin and neck area would give her a more youthful appearance.

We hear voters argue and debate over and over again, but no one really has given attention to the importance of their looks. After all, whoever wins will be the face of the most powerful nation in the world! And Americans want to make sure that our future president can compete with Canada’s and Mexico’s attractive presidents, too.