Alma Laser – The ClearLift is a State-of-the-Art Skin Resurfacing!

There’s a new laser resurfacing treatment for all those sagging necks on the block. If you feel like your neck skin is suffering a little too much from gravity’s relentless tug, but you are weary of surgical intervention, keep your eyes peeled for a new non-invasive, non-ablative, no-downtime, no-pain procedure: the ClearLift. Developed by medical laser manufacturer and provider Alma Laser, the ClearLift is a state-of-the-art skin resurfacing applicator developed from military technology! The Clearlift is subtly unique from the other lasers in its category- featuring premier speed, efficiency, and comfort for all patients and all skin types. This technology smooths wrinkles, improves fine lines, and diminishes the appearance of vascularity redness and small veins.
ClearLift Lunchtime laser “face lift” grows in popularity. It allows for a virtually pain-free and no hassle treatment that can remove 10 years from your face in under 30 minutes. ClearLift improves fine lines, wrinkles, the appearance of small veins and redness caused by vascularity. It is gentle enough to treat areas that are typically too sensitive to treat with traditional ablative lasers, such as the delicate skin around the eyes, neck, mouth and chest.
Clearlift Laser is effective for practically every concern, including dullness, fine lines, pigmentation, redness, broken blood vessels, uneven skin, and even slight sagging! It immediately clears the complexion, gives an iridescent glow while stimulating long-lasting collagen growth. Dubbed the ‘Lunchtime Face Lift’ it gives results immediately and on a long-term basis. In fact, it has become so famous in America, has been featured on top shows such as Dr Oz, The Doctors, The View, ExtraTV, Hollywood Blend and more! And, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston have enjoyed the amazing results of fractionated laser science.
Clear Lift offers many advantages:
– Fast and Easy to use – Treatments in as little as 20 minutes Virtually
– Painless
– No Downtime Visible
– Improvement in skin appearance in as little as one treatment*

ClearLift Laser Treatment delivers a controlled dermal wound without harming the overlying epidermis so that all stages of healing and skin repair occur under the intact epidermis.
Because ClearLift heats deep beneath the skin (up to 3mm in depth) no numbing is required prior to treatment and all skin healing happens without damaging the outer layer of skin.

So how does it work?
It is a non-ablative fractional laser. It uses gentle heating to stimulate the surrounding tissue and creates tiny thermal zones called pixels, leaving healthy skin between each pixel. This allows for natural collagen stimulation and improved healing from the unaffected areas, leaving you without any downtime!
This procedure painlessly targets the deepest layer of the skin, completely bypassing the top layer so that healing, tightening and rejuvenation can occur from the bottom up. Since it bypasses the upper layers, there is no pain, no redness, no discomfort and no side effects, allowing you to get instant results without the suffering. It can also be used for sensitive areas such as the under eye area for dark circles and fine lines, and even for sagging and wrinkled necks and hands!

For long-lasting results, six sittings, done every three to four weeks are recommended. This allows full collagen stimulation to occur, giving your skin a permanent natural lift. After your sittings are completed, you can get a touch-up once a year as a daily maintenance regime.