Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

PHOENIX—A spa treatment is one the most appreciated gifts given during the holidays. After a year of working hard in trying to accomplish personal goals big and small, a spa treatment is an indulgence—a luxury that is longed for and savored.

To decipher which Spa treatments is best for your loved ones, the spa experts at Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa in Phoenix have put together some great spa gift ideas that would surely be appreciated all year long:

“Frown Lines, no more: Botox treatments” – If the stress of work and personal life has created deep frown lines crow’s feet, it’s time to give the gift of rejuvenation through a series of Botox treatments. Administered by Dr.Jeffers, clients can receive a non-surgical, 10-minute injectable that could literally give their look an uplift. A treatment can last up to 3 months, and so a series of four will certainly keep her youthful look throughout the year! Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate

“Massage therapies from Eastern traditions” – The Buddhist and the Hindus know a thing or two about achieving balance and optimum health through mmassage therapies. Let your loved ones experience the benefits of Eastern-influenced massage therapies–like Abhyanga Massage, Ashiatsu Foot Massage, Shirodhara Massage, and Indian Head Massage—and they will thank you year-round for it. This massage therapies package of four lets the client experience a different Eastern-influenced massage therapy for a healthier mind and body. Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate
“Once you go Brazilian…” – Valley women are taking cues from Brazilian women on how to feel sexy. And Bbrazilian waxing is one of those “grooming secrets” that women who have had it done cannot live without. A series of Brazilian or bikini waxing services will keep your girl “well-coiffed” ans feeling sexy all year-long! Men can benefit form a series of waxing services, too. (When is back hair ever a turn-on?) Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate
“Put your best face forward” – A facial is a sure-fire way to glowing and healthy skin all year long. Men and women have also considered facials as a relaxing treat. For the loveliest of face, nothing but the best—the 24-karat Facial. This lavish skin treatment utilizes a new technology of Mist combined with pure 24 Karat Gold to deliver glowing, radiant skin. A series of this facial treatment and you’ll be golden! Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate
“Only the best for fingers and toes” – Every woman will appreciate a spa pedicure and manicure package. A soothing hand and feet massage can make a difference in a woman’s already hectic schedule. Add a pretty color to that and voila! You’ve got an ecstatic woman who can be confident walking around in sandals, and shaking everyone’s hands…just to show off how gorgeous her hands and feet are. Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate
“The Gentlemen’s Spa package” – Men would love some pampering, too. For that special man in your life, a series of spa treatments to keep them looking and feeling great will do just fine. The package may include such a treatments as: an Energizing Scrub and Massage, Sport Pedicure, Fitness Facial and a Sports Deep Tissue Massage. Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate
This is just a sampling of Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa’s holiday spa packages. Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa can customize any package to suit your loved ones’ needs this holiday season and the rest of the year. A spa expert is always ready to help. Purchase an Instant Spa Gift Certificate

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