Dannielli Marcelino’s Tips for Spring-Ready Skin

Dannielli Marcelino’s Tips for Spring-Ready Skin

With the change of seasons, your skin doesn’t know which way to go. Take some serious direction from the Valley’s Top facialist Dannielli Marcelino@ Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa in Phoenix.

Up with Omegas
You’ll have the salmon — and the flaxseeds, walnuts and other eats high in omega oils, which help skin hold onto more moisture and beat winter stress from the inside out.

Down with Sugar
That cupcake makes you look old. Sugar wreaks havoc on collagen. Reach for a vitamin-packed veg juice instead. Try beetroot, celery, carrot and ginger.

In with Miso
Slurp enzyme-rich miso soup and add more seaweed to meals to boost minerals that revitalize your body, hair and skin. You’ll domo arigato us later.

Out with Hibernation
Skip the stodgy, wintry comfort meals and opt for lighter, fresher foods. Get some exercise, make sure you drink plenty of water and you’ll feel like its spring soon enough.

Massage All Around
Wake up your face with moves that depuff, declog and increase circulation. Create loose fists with your palms facing your chin; using your knuckles, work from the center outward, focusing on your chin, jaw and lower face. Tap all over the face with your fingertips, particularly under the eyes. (Psst — or book Marcelino’s famous Face Lift massage, they will do the work for you.)

Book a facial with Marcelino or one of her highly trained skin care specialist at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa or add one of her secret weapons (like Brazilian Papaya; Pineapple Enzyme Facial or Instant Dry Skin Face Transformation) to your routine for instant radiance and glow.

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