How a Day Spa in Phoenix changed my life

My experience with Day Spas

Suddenly Slimmer waiting area

My name is Kim and I’ve been in the Day Spa industry for 14 years. When I first started in the spa business, I hadn’t even had an eyebrow wax – it was all a new experience for me. Now, I have seen how Day Spas can literally change lives. By being an Aesthetician I have had the privilege and honor to be a friend and to be an ear. I have been a shoulder to cry on. I have celebrated in the joys of new friendships, new marriages, and new babies.

Day Spa create a healing opportunity and why?
The most content people I have met in my 14 years are the clients that made a decision to come to the spa every 3 to 4 weeks. The most amazing marriages I’ve seen is when the couples came in and experienced it monthly – together. These clients understand that in order for them to be able to give so much of themselves, they needed to recharge their batteries. The spa is a healing opportunity on so many levels. It is an opportunity to escape and to receive. It is an opportunity to improve the quality of life. The testimonials of how massages have benefited clients after accidents or challenges in their lives have been endless. Lives have been changed through clearing up skin conditions and giving confidence back. The joy I’ve seen clients receive from finding their home; their Day Spa, have been incredible to witness.

Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa – The Best Day Spa in Phoenix and here’s why.
Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa is a beautiful spa in which many clients call their ‘home’ their day spa. I am a certified and licensed esthetician in Canada, California, and Arizona, and I can tell you that Suddenly Slimmer is one of the most amazing spas I have been to and had the privilege to work for.

The directors of this Day spa have chosen the most corrective skincare which made an amazing difference in my own skin. The protocols they have chosen in their facials are result driven and very relaxing. They care for their clients not only during their treatment, but also in what they do at home to continue their results.

The lasers are hand-selected and carefully chosen for maximum results and the least amount of discomfort. With all of the choices on the market for home care and treatments to receive, I believe that Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa in Phoenix has researched most (if not all) of what’s available and only offer – the best.

The body wraps have been studied and tested. I am amazed daily by the progress we make with clients wanting to detoxify and lose inches. It simply works (plus it’s relaxing and gives you energy). Can’t beat that!

So, in 2013, make YOU a priority. Take time out every month for you. If you take care of yourself, you will have more to give and you will be more content. I’ve witnessed this, and attest to it. Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa is the place to be in Phoenix, Arizona – join us in 2013 for some much needed rest and relaxation!