Do you need ‘Smartphone Botox’? How squinting at smartphones causes premature wrinkles..

We love our smartphones; they can do no wrong in our eyes. But, as smart as they are, they could possible be dumb enough to give us wrinkles. According to Dannielli Marcelino, a Phoenix, AZ licensed medical esthetician and laser technician, many of us have adopted the “smartphone squint,” in which we struggle to view our phone screens for extended periods of time, resulting in premature fine lines. Of course, women in pursuit of perfection won’t have any of that; they’re turning to their trusted docs for a little “freshening.”

“The trend for ‘ Smartphones Botox’ is increasing, especially among women who are addicted to gazing at their iPhones all day,” notes Dannielli Marcelino. “Peering at a small screen causes facial strain, around and between the brows, which may cause premature wrinkles on the face.”

While you won’t be able to pry our smartphones out of our hands anytime soon, Dannielli Marcelino does have some tips for fending off creeping crevices while playing “Angry Birds.”

Break Time – Just like how we’ve been told to step away from the computer screen a few times a day, putting down your phone has its benefits too. “It’s important to put down or at least glance up from your smartphone regularly so that your eyes can rest,” Dannielli Marcelino says. “Though squinting is necessary when using a smartphone [due to the small screen], taking time to relax your eyes can make a significant difference in reducing this new type of strain on your facial muscles.”

Low Lights – Contrary to what you might believe, a bright screen is not easier to see. “Too much light and contrast can cause you to narrow the eyes to take in the brightness,” he says. Instead, change your settings and dim your screen as low as you can go.

Text Plus – Yes, we all may chuckle at those “Jitterbug” phone commercials, but the truth is, larger text is easier to read. Enlarge your text size in your settings. “Also, the zoom function can be a fantastic thing; use it to focus in on images on your device so you can see much more clearly and avoid pulling the inner eye,” Dannielli Marcelino advises.

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