For Mother’s Day…think customize!


Unlike other spas who have ready-made packages for Mom’s Day, we encourage our clients to customize! Afterall, all moms are made different, and their needs are different. At Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa, we have over 75 treatments to choose from massages, facials, acupuncture, body wraps, waxing, and holistic treatments. I’m sure your mom will find spa treatment combinations that will suit her just fine and hit that sweet spot. Please read on and check out our suggestions for packages. As always, our helpful spa team will coordinate treatments and give suggestions for your special mom! If you want more info on any of our spa treatments, just give us a call 602-952-8446 or write us back [email protected]!

PHOENIX —Let’s face it, every mother is unique. That is why, this Mother’s Day, treating mom to a relaxing day at the spa should be a unique experience for her. Every spa treatment she receives should cater to her needs and wants because she deserves it.

At Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa and, any mom can enjoy spa treatment packages specially customized for her. With over 75 spa treatments to choose from, the spa experts at Suddenly Slimmer have carefully selected ones that will benefit (and of course, relax) your mom.

For the career mom, the “Mom’s De-Stress Day” spa package can certainly make her forget her office woes. This package includes a soothing Green Tea Anti-Aging facial, which incorporates rich marine extracts and green tea extracts during a deep cleansing and moisturizing routine. The nutrient-rich products introduced to the face help diminish frown lines, dark circles and sallow-looking skin, often associated with deadlines and boring meetings. The facial is partnered with the Aromatherapy Massage, which uses special blends of essential oils that help calm nerves and a busy mind. Cost: $ 190 for 2 hours.

For the mom who has no time to primp, the “Inner-Beauty-Coming-Out” package would be well-suited for her. This package consists of Suddenly Slimmer’s Signature Manicure and Pedicure, which includes a paraffin dip for the hands and a rejuvenating masque for the feet. Mom will enjoy the relaxing massage for both hands and feet using exfoliants that can get rid of dry, even cracked skin. A pretty nail polish color of her choice will be the finishing touch. Next, she will be given Eyelash Extensions (partial fill) to emphasize her beautiful eyes even without make-up. This will be followed with a Make-up Application session in which our professional make-up artist uses non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!) mineral make-up by JD Mineral Makeup to enhance her beauty. After this package, she’ll be ready to paint the town red…without batting an eyelash! Cost: $ 290 3 hours.

For the fitness fanatic mom, the “So-Long-Achy-Muscles” package will certainly revive her. Starting with an Arnica Muscle and Joint Massage, sporty mom will find muscle tension and soreness relief thanks to the healing characteristics of the anti-inflammatory herb, arnica. This will be followed by an Oxygen Ozone Facial, which not only increases blood circulation and help the rejuvenation process in the facial area, but also relieves joint and muscle pains. Cost: $190 for 2 hours.

For the mom-on-a-diet, Suddenly Slimmer’s “Trim and Fit” package will help her achieve her weight goals in not time. Starting with the popular Fat Burner Body Wrap, mommy will be wrapped like a mummy, with bandages soaked in fat-burning enzymes and a blend of minerals to help rid of the body of toxins. This will be followed by some “quiet time” in the infrared sauna. Finally, mom will enjoy a Cellulite Massage that stimulates cellulite-laden areas to release the fat from areas where it is trapped. Cost: $295 for 2 ½ hours.

These are just some of the unique spa packages Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa has to offer. Of course, gift givers are not just limited to these. Clients can browse through our extensive menu and pick and choose the treatments they want their moms to experience, or seek the suggestions of one of our spa experts. Just describe what your mom wants and needs are, and we’ll do the rest for you. For more information call 602-952-8446

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