HCG: Homeopathic vs. Pharmaceutical

Today, it seems like just about everywhere you go you can purchase hCG. The problem with this is that hCG is an FDA controlled substance that requires the prescription of a physician. Therefore; when you purchase from these unrepeatable sources you are not receiving a pharmaceutical hCG product.

Dr. A.T.W Simeons found that 125 IUs (international units of hCG hormone is required and must be administered daily in order for the hypothalamus to trigger the release of abnormal fat when the body is in deprivation. Pharmaceutical hCG hormone medication must contain a minimum of 125 IUs, be physician prescribed, obtained, manufactured and dispensed from a reputable US based pharmacy. Whereas Homeopathic hCG is a liquid preparation comprised of a mixture of vitamins, herbal stimulants and microscopic trace amounts of hCG, if any at all. One also can’t be sure what type of hCG is in this product, as often times makers substitute equine (horse) hCG to make the homeopathic version.

Why this matters?
There are a variety of potential and serious health risks associated with following a strict 500 calorie diet without the proper medication and supervision of a medically licensed physician. Since the homeopathic hCG does not contain the necessary amounts of the hCG hormone, you are really just doing an unsafe version of a Very Low Calorie Diet and you are putting your body in ketosis. In ketosis, you will most likely lose lean muscle tissue, bone, and easy to access fat, which your body actually needs. This will also cause your cellular metabolism to slow down, which in the long run will make gaining weight easier after you have stopped the program.

By using pharmaceutical grade hCG, you will actually burn the abnormal fat (the stubborn kind around your abdomen and thighs) in your body and reset your metabolic rate.

The Bottom Line
There is no reason why a physician should ever put a patient on a Very Low Calorie Diet or a weight loss program utilizing homeopathic hCG. Additionally, a physician should not put a patient on a Very Low Calorie Diet and pharmaceutical hCG without first completing a detailed medical history, blood work, and consistently monitoring the patient throughout the program. This process is crucial to ensure that you are getting a high-quality, pharmaceutical grade product and to monitor your health and safety on the program

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