How to Get Rid of Butt Dimples?

cellulite-laser-treatmentHow to Get Rid of Butt Dimples?cellulite-treatment-phoenix

Cellulite is a term that people use to describe several butt contour issues. Skin laxity, “cottage cheese” and dimples are all encompassed in that term. Treatment for the butt-dimples is now accomplished with acellulite-before-after-phoenix new FDA cleared treatment called Cellfina. The dimples are teathered down with fibrous cords. During the treatment, the area is numbed with local anesthesia and then the fibrous cords are released which allows the dimple to smooth out. Some people have only a few dimples, and some people have a more complex combination of dimples, “cottage cheese” and skin laxity in which additional treatment options may be recommended. “Butt Dimples” is a form of cellulite that is treatable. 90% of woman has cellulite and the other 10% think they do. Cellulite is a normal female characteristic but can be unsightly. It is not curable but it IS treatable. There are a number of cellulite treatments that have been proven to work such as:

Laser Treatment for Cellulite: is a revolutionary new way to visibly reduce unwanted signs of this common skin condition. Cellulite is something that the majority of adult women deal with on a daily basis but that none of us want to have. Laser Treatment for Cellulite is revolutionary because it reduces visible cellulite quickly, efficiently and without invasive surgery. Laser cellulite treatments require no down-time whatsoever. If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly yet still suffer from unwanted cellulite, then Laser Treatment for Cellulite may be just what you need.
Time: 50 to 80 minutes

Price: depends on areas to be treated, call today to schedule a free consultation

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Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Laser: Unbelievable results are what you can expect from this service. By combining the newest technology of Cellulite Treatment using Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Laser- dimples start to disappear. The Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Laser uses technology to penetrate deep in the “adipose” layer of condensed fat which stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the area to help the body natural process of elimination of toxins. A licensed laser technician trained in the cellulite Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Laser will smoothly move laser over areas of excess, dense and stubborn fat to break down and expel fat cells from the body, also works by stimulating blood flow and by doing so creating more oxygen circulation to help release toxins from areas where it is trapped, this action allows toxins to flow naturally out of the body.
The Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Laser Cellulite Treatment process begins as acoustic waves selectively disrupt the cell wall membranes of the targeted fat cells. Next the Unipolar radio frequency waves accelerate local metabolism to enhance the bodies natural burning and expulsion of the fat cell contents. Stretch marks and cellulite are also treated with combined rfand ultrasound technologies. A combination of collagen stimulation and break down of fibrous tissue results in a smoother contour and more uniform appearance. Excess and or crepy skin is treated with non-ablative laser energy. The result is tighter, firmer skin with a smoother contour.

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Cupping: Bye! Bye! Belly Jelly:
Bye! Bye! Belly Jelly! First, the abdominal area goes through a vigorous massage and kneading to stimulate circulation and release fats from the area where it is stored. This allows the fat to flow out of the body through the lymphatic system. Secondly, the abdominal area is wrapped in ace bandages soaked in enzymes that help break down the fats & rid the body of toxins which helps to rejuvenate the body.

Next “cupping” is performed. This practice involves placing a rounded cup made of glass onto selected areas with the open side down. A vacuum is created, which anchors the cup to the skin and pulls the skin upward on the inside of the suction cup. This therapy helps to break down the fat cells even more in order for the body to purge it out. Finally, a layer of a new product from Brazil called Impact Gel is applied to the abdominal area. The professional-grade Impact Gel contains seaweed extracts, various herbs and other natural ingredients that help shrink the tummy area.

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Cellulite Massage:
In this treatment a licensed massage therapist trained in cellulite massage modality will

smoothly move a pressurized suction cup over areas of excess, dense and stubborn fat to

stimulate blood flow and by doing so creating more oxygen circulation to help release toxins

from areas where it is trapped, this action allows toxins to flow naturally out of the body. A

series is recommended for best results. Please be aware; cellulite massage may cause bruising,

because it is a deeper massage designed to increase blood circulation to the area in order for

the body to release toxins, bruising will disappear in a few days. We suggest you take an Epsom

salt bath in the evening on the day you receive your Cellulite treatment. Epsom salt helps to

minimize any soreness and bruising that may occur. Cellulite Cupping Massage can be booked in

30, 50 or 80 minute session. If you have cellulite on several areas of the body, we recommend

booking longer session.

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