How to Permanently Freeze Away Localized Fat!

CoolSculpting procedures use rounded paddles in one of four sizes to suction your skin and fat “like a vacuum”. The procedure relies on special applicators that look like paddles and have cooling panels. The applicators are applied to your body while you read or watch television in a Med Spa Welcoming Treatment Rooms. Your fat cells are cooled and crystallized during the treatment, the fat is then drained through the lymphatic system and eliminated in waste, In the external-device realm, the first and most well-studied tool to truthfully kill fat cells was Coolsculpting technology inspired by a phenomenon called Popsicle panniculitis, a loss of cheek fat and subsequent dimpling seen in kids sucking on ice pops.

Coolsculpting-Before-after-Scottsdale-602-952-8446CoolSculpting is painless and takes 1-2 hours for each treatment and with Dual-Sculpting with the use of two machines at the same time, working on each side of one’s body treatment can be reduced up to 50%. Thanks to an advance in CoolSculpting technology, treatment with the new machines is only about 30 minutes an area. CoolScupting is a great option for small areas of unwanted fat. The nonsurgical advancement known as Coolsculpting has been a blessing to thousands who have tried endless diets and beating themselves up at the gym or with extreme exercise classes. By delivering controlled, precise cooling to the unwanted bulges, fat cells are cooled to the point of destruction and eliminated naturally through the body. With the power behind the DualSculpting technique this process is performed on different sides of your body at the same time. Each Coolsculpting device holds the targeted areas between two panels and takes the fat cells down to just above the freezing point. This causes the cells to shrink because they can’t stand low temperatures.

coolsculpting-before-after-Phoenix- woman-602-952-8446How Long it takes to show results?

The best results are seen after 2 months, but a noticeable difference can be seen in most patients in as few as 3 weeks. Treatments can be repeated as needed for a truly “sculpted” look. CoolSculpting is also used to treat and contour areas such as double-chins, arms and thighs. The best results are obtained with an experienced operator who knows to adjust the device specifically for the contours of your body and have done hundreds of the CoolSculpting treatments.

Liposuction versus CoolSculpting:

The traditional surgery to remove unwanted fat areas with liposuction in comparison with CoolSculpting; it is a very intense, costly, painful and long downtime procedure. Besides that CoolSculpting cost 75% less than liposuction making it a clear choice for elimination of localized bulk fat area without the costly downtime recoup away from work. Time is money and feel good about oneself now as far as getting rid of unwanted localized fat makes it easier with the CoolScultping Solution!

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