Javanese Lulur Body Treatment

Javanese Lulur Body Treatment

Javanese Mandi Lulur is an ancient beauty treatment, which originated centuries ago in the palaces of central Java as a “purifying” ritual for Javanese princesses as they prepared for their wedding day. It was in Java, that many secrets of health and beauty, utilizing the naturally occurring herbs, spices, foods, clays and minerals were created and used for the benefit of the royal family.

The Mandi Lulur or ‘royal wedding’ treatment, is traditionally given to women each day for 40 days preceding their wedding, to soften and sweeten their skin and prepare them for this most important of days.

The treatment begins with a ritual foot scrub followed with a one hour Balinese massage. Next, the entire body is painted with the light brown granular aromatic paste the traditional Javanese Lulur. The Lulur paste is made from a blend of finely ground rice, nuts, turmeric root, ginger, cinnamon and sandalwood powder, ground together in a mortar and pestle. A little water is then added and a few drops of Jasmine oil to form a granular paste. Once the paste is dry it is gently rubbed off to exfoliate and polish the skin and is used to slough away dead skin cells, bringing forth fresh, new skin. The remaining paste is then rinsed off with warm water.

After a cleansing shower; cool, fresh natural yogurt is splashed and lightly rubbed all over the body. The yogurt’s enzymes stimulate the cell activity and restore the pH balance of the skin, which feels as soft as silk after the yogurt is washed away. The final and most wonderful step is to relax is a warm bath that has been strewn with aromatic flowers such as jasmine, tuberose, frangipani, gardenia and ylang-ylang. Thoughts of royal princesses and fragrant gardens fill your mind as you sip a herbal tea and float away on a fragrant cloud of bliss. Your skin will be left soft, supple and shining. The Javanese Lulur Ritual is a truly delicious experience.