Med Spa Aesthetics Beauty Trends in 2017

Botox and Dysport – Still the most popular injection on the market; Botox is the number one cosmetic procedure of since 2008, plus Dysport hath they are a therapeutic muscle relaxing agent that works to smooth skin for a younger look and feel. Normal muscle movement, over time, can cause fine lines and wrinkles. By relaxing these muscles, the skin will not be able to shift and therefore the skin will remain smooth and wrinkle free.


KYBELLA – “Miracle Injection” – Allergan Product: Kybella, the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for permanently destroying fat cells under the chin. “Fat under the chin, known as a double chin, isn’t only an aging issue. Often, young people have unwanted fat under their chins, which takes away from their profiles. It’s something that is cosmetically troublesome to many adults, and may not go away with diet and exercise. Kybella is a very different approach for treating that fat. It’s not liposuction, which involves suctioning the area. Nor is it a device that delivers laser, ultrasonic or radiofrequency energy to the area. Rather, Kybella is an injectable medicine, deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally-occurring molecule in the body. When injected into fat under the chin, during an in-office procedure, it begins the process of destroying localized fat cells for good.


Dermal Fillers:

Allergan offers the famous Dermal Fillers Classic: Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus and New and more advanced brand with JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC injectable gel instantly adds volume to the cheek area to correct age-related volume loss in adults over 21. JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC is injected into the areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur, lasting up to 18 months with optimal treatment and JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC adds volume to the lips and smooths vertical lip lines adding smoother and natural looks for Lip Augmentation. And the latest JUVÉDERM VOLLURE™ XC is that it was shown to last up to 18 months from the initial or touch-up injection in a majority of subjects, which is the longest lasting result shown in a clinical study in the nasolabial folds. Juvéderm Vollure XC is formulated with proprietary Vycross technology, which blends different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, contributing to the gel’s duration, according to the company. Restylane Defyne – Restylane Defyne is one of the newest additions to the Restylane family of HA dermal fillers. In Europe, the product is known as Emervel. Having Restylane Defyne at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa in Phoenix with Dr. Jeffers is for the correction of moderate to severe deep facial wrinkles and folds, such as the nasolabial folds or the smile lines. Defyne is meant to plump and fill deep-set lines. Restylane Defyne offers a solution for deep wrinkles or to replace lost volume under the skin. Defyne is ideal for use on deep nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds) and sad mouth lines (marionette lines). This product contains a local anesthetic lidocaine for improved comfort during your treatment.


Galderma offers the Restylane used to smooth away wrinkles and fine line, create fuller and more accentuated lips, and adding facial volume and contour. Plus the newest line Restylane Silk is designed to provide precise lip shaping and line control, resulting in silkier, smoother lips and natural-looking results and Restylane Lyft is specifically designed to add fullness to the cheeks and midface area, which can result in a natural-looking appearance, indicated for implantation into the deep dermis to superficial subcutis for the correction of moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, and for subcutaneous to supraperiosteal implantation for cheek augmentation and correction of age-related midface contour deficiencies in patients over the age of 21.
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