Mineral wrap keeps 80-year-old young

Victoria the developer of Suddenly Slimmer’s famous mineral wraps, loved by Hollywood celebrities, just turned 80. She has been getting wrapped for over 45 years now, she credits the Mineral Body Wrap for helping maintain her health, energy and youthfulness…. Below she shares her personal story.

Can you imagine being an Octogenarian? I remember experiencing, at 16, the beautiful sadness of knowing I would never live to be 21! What a drama queen I was!

Handling the different effects of increasing age, as I experienced them, has paid off. There are a lot of things that happen from decade to decade. The first big change was in my 40’s, suddenly all the things that worked on my skin and hair stopped working. I had to try many different products to come up with a regimen that worked. My 50’s were pretty smooth, at 60+ I had to develop cleanser and creams as the store bought ones just didn’t cut it. I call the 70-80 year range, Repair. It seemed as though all my bad habits caught up to me, it took a lot of inventing to reverse those negative physical changes.

However here I am at 80 and plan on living many more decades and in taking inventory I realize that:

I don’t wear glasses and take NO medication or drugs.

My hearing is good and I can smell something burning long before younger people notice it. The senses seem to be at an optimal level.

I am flexible of body and can bend over and put my palms flat on the floor, without bending my knees, something I couldn’t do at 30, when I was experiencing arthritic symptoms, which got painfully worse, until I developed the mineral wraps and started wrapping myself at age 34.

I am still physically strong and can run very fast.

Wow! I’ve been getting wraps for 46 years.


Not bragging, just noting the difference between my physical condition and the usual state of a body at 80. I can attribute the differences to the fact that I have been wrapped in my mineral wrap solution a LOT over the years and as Dr. Linus Pauling stated “all diseases are a result of mineral deficiencies.”

I had a rough start in life as I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, polio, rickets, pneumonia, malaria, bronchitis and just about any cold or flu that came around. At 16 I picked up a copy of Prevention magazine and read it from cover to cover and that started me on the road to handling my body with vitamins, minerals and consistent detoxifying.

I wish I looked 30 but I can pass for 20 to 30 years younger than my actual age. I have to work on that!

I advise anyone who wants to live a long and healthy life to get wrapped regularly, at least every 2 months. It is important, not just to detoxify yourself but to ensure that you absorb the minerals your body needs so desperately. It’s inconvenient, it’s hard to fit it into your life but we all need it. The world gets dirtier every year! My birthday cake says ”18 with 62 years of experience!”