Myths and truths about cellulite

Impossible to be in good shape without remembering the holes, cellulite holes that is, which reach almost 100% of women. The following are the main questions on the subject and the responses of three experts.

Is Cellulite an inflammation of the hypodermis?

Truth: The suffix “itis” (laryngitis, conjunctivitis, gastritis), in fact, indicates in medicine, the presence of inflammation. However, the word cellulite literally means “inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.” But in fact, the problem is the result of the projection of deeper structures on the surface of the skin, like the fibrous septa. Septa is a kind of division or lock, which connects the surface to deeper tissues, causing the holes or depressions, (orange peel) in the skin, characteristic of cellulite’s they become even more evident when there is an increase in the volume of these areas or by weight gain (accumulation of body fat), either by withholding liquids. These aren’t inflammation of the hypodermis (the deepest layer of skin) responsible for these changes.

Is Cellulite genetic, inherited from the mother?

Truth: There is a predisposition, but it is not inherited necessarily. The relationship of cellulite with female hormones is enhanced by moments of change, such as puberty, menopause, and pregnancy, and also while using the pill. Weight gain, poor nutrition, and inactivity are not only related to the appearance of holes, but also with the aggravation of them.

I Cellulite always in the groove combo + stretch marks?

Not necessarily Cellulite and stretch marks can coexist in one person. But problems are distinct or independent processes. Both may arise or be worsened by weight gain and occur more in women. Cellulite is influenced by the factors described earlier, while the stretch marks are dermal scars considered that arise due to distension of the skin (by weight gain or by the fast growth of the body, which is common during adolescence and preadolescence). Stretch marks tend to be earlier in women, are also common during pregnancy and more frequent in young pregnant women, as well as the skin, are still firmer(less “elastic).

Does water retention increase Cellulite?

Truth: It can worsen the appearance of cellulite. And that is seen during the pre-menstrual and also by excess sodium intake since it makes the body retain more fluid.
Self-massage techniques can help fight cellulite?

Depends: Just spread with force anti-cellulite cream or moisturizer after bathing does not help. The idea is to always move the anti-cellulite cream from the bottom up and towards the heart to improve circulation.

Do Anti-cellulite creams really work?

Depends: They can soften the appearance of cellulite, especially if associated with other treatments like laser skin tightening; Laser body contour; Cellulite massages; Lipodissolve, etc. The anti-cellulite cream alone, they work more for light levels of cellulite when it is in the beginning stages. Today,

the industry invests in the study of smaller molecules of assets and vehicles that can carry substances deeper into the skin. And it is the penetration of the active ingredients that depend on the power of action. That can be accomplished by a combination of the LED (light emitted diode), Lasers, ultrasound.

Do Alcohol increases cellulite?

Not directly, but chronic and excessive consumption can worsen or even cause fluid retention and swelling, which worsen cellulite. Moreover, alcohol contains lots of sugar, that turns into body fat.

Do Cellulite is caused by pregnancy forever?

Truth: Pregnancy does not cause cellulite, but can worsen if there is lots of weight gain, and especially if the woman already had cellulite before pregnancy before. The hormones action and changes retain more fluids, the circulation slows down and drainage lymphatic becomes more difficult. After delivery, the effort will be greater to get rid of cellulite and a legacy of cellulite could indeed be forever.

Does Lymphatic drainage reduce cellulite?

Truth: The drainage can relieve a very wavy appearance to the skin because it reduces the swelling. The effect, however, is timely, because the body drains toxic substances at all times with the blood circulation. Moreover, the massage or drainage lymphatic should be a complementary treatment to changes in lifestyle, diet, and healthy habits, exercise weight control and physical.

Do Contouring Massage worsen cellulite and spreads out fat?

Myth: It can improve cellulite because it acts strongly in the areas of fat deposits and activates circulation. If spreading fat was possible, we could at once transfer it from one place to another that is unwanted to the desired place.

Does Coca Cola, and sparkling water create cellulite?

Myth: Even today, there is no scientific proof that soda has an influence on the appearance or worsening of cellulite. What is true is, that all fattening, calorie-free beverages (soft, normal, industrialized juices), contribute toward the growth of cellulite, because it contains sugar and it accumulates in areas of fat deposits (whatever body “stocks” fat). Soft versions “zero” or “light” as well as mineral water, do not contribute to weight gain, so far as is it known. The gas is certain: the fat cannot breathe!

Do Contraceptive pill and smoking aggravate cellulite?

Truth: The hormones are important predisposing factors and conditioning of cellulite. So much so that it is almost exclusively of women. Estrogen seems to be the main one involved in the processes of emergence, evolution, and worsening of cellulite and fat distribution in the female body. We know that cellulite can worsen when you have high estrogen levels, as in puberty, menstruation, and replacement hormonal. Cigarette, in turn, increases the toxins and the worsening of vascular cells, including fat, which may worsen the case.

Is it true if you have more muscle one has less cellulite?

Myth: Muscle augment a mass muscular and weight loss and prevent sagging muscles, but do not treat sagging skin, a major problem in cellulite. The size of the muscle is not related to greater or lesser visibility of holes.

Sagging skin is more prone to cellulite?

Truth: Cellulite has everything to do with the sagging skin. Even more, after 30 years old, when the skin begins to diminish collagen, it will make it more susceptible to the effects of gravity.

Are their foods that help fight cellulite and sagging skin?

In parts: There is a study evaluating a specific minimum amount or type of food that prevents the formation of cellulite or improve sagging skin. We know, however, that a balanced diet with protein, fruits, vegetables and fiber, and lower saturated fat intake can prevent the worsening of the holes.
And there are some key foods that indirectly may help:

Algae: a natural source of iodine, help the body to balance the thyroid gland, preventing hormonal fluctuations.

Brown rice: the fiber, B vitamins, and minerals promote the digestion of sugar and bowel function;

Brazil nuts: carries selenium, an important antioxidant against the aging of cells.

Extra virgin olive oil: has anti-inflammatory action, namely to combat water retention. Olive oil associated with linseed oil becomes more powerful,

Oats: Rich in silicon, reorganizing the fibers supporting the skin.

Misso: (fermented soybean paste) is rich in natural probiotics, which favor the intestine, and helps to detoxify and deflate.

Greens: a source of chlorophyll, improve circulation, and detoxify the body.

Apple: a major source of pectin, a type of fiber that neutralizes the toxins in the body.

Does running increase cellulite?

Myth: Aerobic exercise, like running, swimming, and cycling are best suited to treat cellulite because it reduces fat and increases tissue oxygenation. But the best results are the practice of physical exercise and other treatments associated with a balanced diet.

Do Diuretic teas do not work to fight cellulite?

It depends: When cellulite is related to fluid retention, teas may have a beneficial effect. Green tea, for example, contains epigallocatequina and gallate, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory.

Cushion and anti-cellulite shorts work to reduce cellulite?

Myth: The effects are still quite uncertain. Perhaps the compression helps to improve circulation, but scientific evidence is needed of the materials utilized used, and especially of proven results.

It is possible to get rid of cellulite 100%?

Truth: There are several treatments that greatly improve the appearance of the skin and holes, but it’s hard to talk about –100% Free of cellulite. The best way to come as close as possible, is a combination of a healthy lifestyle, without cigarettes plus physical exercise and weight under control.

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