Pucker Up! Valentine’s Day is coming!


Pucker Up! Valentine’s Day is coming!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetie may look a little different this year.

A romantic dinner may consist of delicious food in to-go boxes and a romantic movie afterwards may require you to remember your password.

But the joys of kissing your partner on Valentine’s Day? That should not change at all. In fact, with more people staying at home and spending more time with loved ones, the number of kisses being shared with partners and close family members should be on the rise.

This is where the lip experts at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa, one of Phoenix’s leading spas, can help, you can come in to get your lips prepped and ready for a whole lotta of kissing on Feb. 14 (and beyond).

Danielli Marcelino, Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa’s registered nurse and director of Aesthetics shares five treatments targeting the lips to make them plump, supple and ready for some serious kissing:

 PERK Lip Treatment – From the skin care geniuses that brought HydraFacial MD to the public comes a revolutionary system that works with HydraFacial machines to exfoliate, hydrate and plump up those puckers using peony extract, peppermint, aloe and Vitamin E. The treatment is quick and simple, and only takes 10 minutes. Clients will take home a 30-day revitalizing serum plus a PERK lip balm with SPF 30 to use daily. Perk up that pucker and go!

Kysse Lip Filler – For the lip filler fans out there, the latest, FDA-approved product from Restylane is aptly called Kysse. The Restylane Kysse filler subtly enhances the lips, giving it the right amount of fullness, improving the appearance of fine lines above the lips, and rejuvenating the natural shape of the lips, making it irresistible. Restylane Kysse takes only 15-30 minutes with almost no downtime, and the formulation is perfect for those with sensitive lips.

Botox Lip Flip – First, a quick explanation of a “lip flip.” A “lip flip” is a non-surgical procedure that involves relaxing the muscles around the lips causing the upper lip inside the mouth to “flip” upward and outward to give lips a fuller appearance. And what’s the wonderful elixir that can do this? Why, Botox, of course! Botox is injected into the Cupid’s bow and in about 10 minutes, the procedure is done. Your youthful, flipped lips will be in full effect in about 10-14 days after the procedure.

 Russian Lips – The Russian Lips technique lifts the lip, rather than add excessive volume in the body of the lips, to create that attractive fullness that is synonymous to an exquisite Russian doll or a Russian supermodel. You choose! Filler is injected vertically and then drawn out toward the lip border. The entire procedure may take 30-45 minutes, including prep, and will last 6-12 months.

 Keyhole Pout Lip Injection – You’ve coveted these lips. It’s those lips that are plump and pouty with a tiny, cute hole in between that looks like a keyhole, for that unexpected sexiness. Using Kysse, Restylane, Juvederm or Volbella, the lip experts at Suddenly Slimmer can create this sultry look for you. The procedure will take a total of 20 minutes, with 10 minutes dedicated to preparation and applying a topical anesthetic. This treatment lasts an average of 6 months and lips may or may not be swollen, depending on the client’s reaction to the treatment. The important thing is–when all is said and done, you will give Scarlett Johansson or Gigi some tough competition.

“People don’t realize that a simple lip procedure can do wonders to the entire face,” said Dannielli RN. “Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa is proud to offer a wide range of lip enhancements that will guarantee kissable lips, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day!”

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