Rhonda Allison Facials

Rhonda Allison Facials

#1 Provider of Rhonda Allison Facials in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. In Business since 1988! Featured on Phoenix FOX 10 News and Good Morning Arizona!

Suddenly Slimmer Spa is proud to offer a complete list of Rhonda Allison facials. For customers that are devotee of Rhonda Allison products this is a great opportunity for you to receive an expert Rhonda Allison treatment, using all your favorite Rhonda Allison products but in a stronger professional prescribed amount. Suddenly Slimmer’s skin care experts have received extensive training in all Rhonda Allison products and treatments; they also receive continued education on the Rhonda Allison skincare products and treatments every month.

About Rhonda Allison: Rhonda Allison has been a professional Aesthetician for the past 28 years. She began offering traditional skin care services based on the training she received when she was 29 years old. At the age of 30 she had her first skin peel, at a time when very little information was offered. She met a chemist and was given some acid and thus began her education. With the guidance of other Bio Chemists and Physicians, Rhonda began to learn more and more about the aspect of skin rejuvenation through peeling but most of it came through trial and error. Thankfully, little error and much success. Rhonda Allison has performed thousands of skin peels on clients for the past 24 years and has continued to peel her own skin regularly which today she states, “My skin is healthier and more vibrant now than when I was 30.”

Rhonda Allison has owned and actively worked behind the aesthetic chair for over 20 years. She began offering educational seminars to other professionals in 1992 and that is when she produced the first video of its kind “The Art Of Skin Peeling.” In 2000 she wrote a book for the professional titled “Cooking With Acids”, a step-by-step procedural book on skin peeling treatments. Rhonda was the Director Of Education for AAEA; an association dedicated to the advancement of education for aestheticians and is often invited to speak for national and international aesthetic conferences.


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