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Today, Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company ( NYSE: ABBV), announces the launch of SkinMedica® Firm & Tone Lotion for Body, the first product from the professional-grade skincare line formulated to prevent and address visible signs of body skin aging for a toned look.1 It is clinically proven to diminish the look of crepey skin, address uneven skin texture, improve the appearance of body skin firmness and tone, and improve the look of sagging skin.

“The skin on the body represents 95% of our skin. It’s unique and different from the skin on our face and neck1. As our body skin ages, it has specific needs and requires a targeted approach,” said Carrie Strom, President, Global Allergan Aesthetics and Senior Vice President, AbbVie. “Environmental factors, such as sun exposure and pollutants, and intrinsic factors, including changes in fat distribution and muscle tone, take a toll on the body.2 SkinMedica® Firm & Tone Lotion for Body is a luxurious formula rooted in science that delivers transformative results.”

With more than two decades of excellence in innovation, SkinMedica® continues to rely on research to formulate the most advanced and innovative professional-grade skincare products. Following the launch of the brand’s Neck Correct Cream for Neck and Décolleté in April 2021, Allergan Aesthetics continues to expand its footprint with SkinMedica® science for every body with this dermatologist-tested product that can be used alone or following a body contouring procedure.

SkinMedica® Firm & Tone Lotion for Body contains carefully curated ingredients including Green Microalgae and Shitake Mushroom Extracts, Lemon Balm Extract, Coffea Arabica Seed Oil, Caffeine, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Japanese Parsley, Paradisi (Grapefruit Peel) Oil, and Ginger Root Extract.

The hydrating formula features a scientifically proven technology that targets five pathways related to fat and laxity in the skin and supports the extracellular matrix, firmness and crepiness:1

  • Promotes dermal extracellular matrix components
  • Supports cellular clearance and recycling
  • Enhances skin detoxification via lymphatic system
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Supports balanced lipid metabolism and localized fat regulation

“Body skin aging begins as early as age 25. The skin on your body becomes thinner with age, which can further accelerate the visible signs of aging3-4,” says Dr. Mona Gohara, Dermatologist and Associate Clinical Professor, Yale School of Medicine. “Start prioritizing your body now – the product shows significant results such as skin appearing visibly tighter, smoother and more toned. In addition to adding SkinMedica® Firm & Tone lotion to my patients’ overall body care regimen as a standalone, patients can also use the product following body contouring procedures.”

In a head-to-head clinical study1 where the products were used twice a day, investigators assessed the following improvements at weeks 4, 8, and 12:

  • On the upper arms for sagging
  • On the thighs for cellulite
  • On both the upper arms and thighs for skin smoothness, skin tone evenness, crepiness, body skin firmness, and body texture

Firm & Tone Lotion showed significant visible improvements vs. a leading professional-grade topical body for body skin crepiness, texture, skin tone evenness, and smoothness.1

At Week 4*:

  • Crepiness (arms)

At Week 8:

  • Body skin texture (thighs)
  • Skin tone evenness (thighs)
  • Skin smoothness (thighs)

At Week 12:

  • Crepiness (thighs)

With continued results over 12 weeks.

*Week 4, (p ≤ 0.031). †Week 8, (p ≤ 0.022). ‡Week 12, (p ≤ 0.022)

SkinMedica® Firm & Tone Lotion for Body is available for purchase at

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