With Super Bowl fever sweeping Phoenix, Suddenly Slimmer Day & Med Spa is gearing up its spa treatments to prepare football fans attending lavish football parties or attending the big game itself.

Before the big game, our beauty experts recommend:

• Super Bowl Weekend is full beautiful events, beautiful people and of course beautiful YOU! Have your makeup done professionally by our licensed makeup artists, they can create Super Bowl themed makeup or makeup to show which team you’re rooting for Patriots or the Seahawks!

• The Express Microdermabrasion followed by a Moisturizing Facial for dry skin – walk into that football party glowing. The microdermabrasion treatment is quick and has minimal downtime. Especially for guests coming from the cold parts of the country, it rids of the dead, dull skin cells and lets new skin shine. The moisturizing facial helps Super Bowl guests deal with the dry desert air. Using rich, hydrating products will help facial skin adjust to the Valley’s dry weather, and keeping the skin glowing through all the fun parties!

• Shirodhara treatment with a Seaweed Body Wrap – what better way to revitalize than an invigorating Shirodhara treatment that releases tension and restores balance and energy, which any fan will need to cheer on their home team. A Seaweed Body Wrap covers the whole body in a moisturizing seaweed mask and then the body is wrapped in algae minerals and enzymes that helps the detoxifications and exfoliation process for the skin. It improves the skin elasticity, plus it is also another energy booster that will assist with those late night entertainment.

• Men’s Fitness Facial followed by an eyebrow waxing – you cannot escape the manscape, especially during this important sporting event. Gents, you could be hobnobbing with VIPs at an exclusive Super Bowl party, so you have to look your best. The Fitness Facial can give your skin a good exfoliation and restore the moisture in your skin, giving you that healthy athletic glow. And the eyebrows, well…you just need to groom them, and our waxing experts can tame even the unruliest of all!
And after the game, win or lose, Super Bowl fans will need to recover from all the fun and frolic before and during the big game. Suddenly Slimmer offers treatments to help you recover from all the late-night partying, hearty foods, enticing cocktails and heart stopping excitement of the game:

• Vitaglow, Vitamin Therapy – late-night partying, indulgent foods and cocktails and the Valley’s dry weather can do a number on your skin even after just a few days. The skin experts at Suddenly Slimmer suggest Vitaglow Therapy, where vitamins are injected into the skin directly…not ingested. A combination of vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid are injected using a tiny needle into the skin in several places, delivering the benefits of vitamins immediately. The results become pretty obvious after a treatment. You will look fully rested and your skin looks supple and healthy!

• Slimming Body Wrap – Buffalo wings, cocktails, beer, steaks, fries, pizza, chips, oh my! The week leading to the Super Bowl can easily gain you the poundage you have been avoiding. The Slimming Body Wrap can help you lose the inches you gained, as well as minimize the appearance of cellulite in the skin…like partying hard never happened!

• Deep Tissue Massage and Juvederm filler – Nothing like a Deep Tissue Massage to release the tension you felt throughout the game and bring back balance into the body. This massage will relax you and will help release the toxins from the body accumulated throughout the week. If your smile has turned into frown lines because of the game’s outcome, there’s always Juvederm filler to bring back volume to sagging skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and skin will look radiant and supple.

For more information about some of Suddenly Slimmer’s Super Bowl-centric treatments, please call us 602-952-8446. Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/SuddenlySlimmer for more specials.

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