The Best Treatment for Localized Fat!

No matter how much you work and eat properly, they still remain there – The Localized Fat Areas. To decrease the chubbiness located, there are different types of non-invasive techniques. Know, however, that eliminating all is not a viable goal. Fat is needed for the functioning of the metabolism. The treatments are presented only to improve the aesthetics of who is closest to the ideal weight. Is not recommended as an alternative to weight loss – The free CoolSculpting consultation and the procedure will be done in MedSpa according to the percentage of fat.

Carving the COLD:

What it promises: one of the most celebrated inventions of recent times, the COOLSCUPTING – developed at Harvard – has proven results by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Your fat cells are cooled and crystallized during the treatment, so your body can naturally eliminate them. It works by cryolipolysis, which means fat cells are cooled to near freezing, crystallise, shatter and die. I was worried that all this dead fat would get into my bloodstream and raise my blood fats or put my liver under strain, but the studies show dead fat cells are digested by white blood cells in the immune system.

How it works: the device works with controlled cooling in the cells of localized fat. The low temperature to -8° c. The area, which is “sucked” into one or two vacuum applicators – for example, one on each side of the leg – undergoes a process of inflammation by apoptosis, that is, slowly freezes and eliminated. From the third day, begin to be expelled naturally by the body, a process that is terminated within 90 days. – The body is modeled more because the cells that pass through the CoolSculpting procedure will be eliminated. If the person gets fat after the session, the fat will be distributed in the remaining cells, in other areas.

Where to apply: in any part of the body with localized fat. The tips have different formats for each area. The most requested are the belly, back, arms, love handles (flanks) and outer thighs. Each session lasts ½ hour with the use of DualSculpting (Applicators) to 1 hour with a single one.
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