The wedding PAR-TAY begins at the spa


So, the vendors have been paid, the menu has been decided, the seating arrangements have been settled, the dress has been altered. Now it’s time to relax before the big day with your friends and family. How about a SPA DAY?!

The great thing about a day spa is that they create a spa package well-suited for the bride and her friends or family members. It eliminates the guesswork of what the wedding party might enjoy and benefit from. From a “recovery” package after a wild bachelorette party to the more subdued spa day with the new mom-in-law, Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa has got something good cooking to make sure that the bride and ALL parties involve are stress-free and beautiful leading up the big day. Wedding spa packages may be considered indulgences but are so worth it for girlfriend bonding, or even mother-daughter bonding. And for the kind of inner peace one can achieve while at a spa? Well, that’s just priceless.

Wedding season is here in the Valley and we’ve got a spa wedding package for every bride. Our experts are willing to talk more about these options and willing to give a demo if you’d like…for a better explanation. And of course, Suddenly Slimmer can always customize and make a spa day more enjoyable for anyone.

So email us back if you want us to show you what brides are looking for in a spa day…before their big day!

PHOENIX — There is a rise in the number of nuptial exchanges in the Valley in the springtime, so naturally, there is a rise in pre-wedding jitters as well.
We all know that a wedding is supposed to be a special, momentous occasion for family and friends, but the stress of planning one seems to have taken over the real meaning of exchanging vows. How do you keep the pre-wedding jitters at bay? Well, there is a spa for that…

Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Phoenix has been the go-to hub for many brides and bridal parties for fun and relaxation before, and physical and mental preparation for the big day.
“We’ve had many brides and their parties in our spa enjoying a full day of bonding and restorative spa treatments. Through the years, we’ve listened to their needs and wants before the wedding,” said Jeanie Marcelino, spa director.

From suggestions, Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa has come up with pre-wedding packages that will surely make the occasion less stressful and more enjoyable for all parties involved.
Post-Bachelorette Party Recovery” – Now, we all have an idea of what happens at bachelorette parties, but we don’t dare speak about it. It’s just between the girls. One thing’s for sure, however: after a wild night of partying, a recuperative and revitalizing day at the spa is in order. The spa experts at Suddenly Slimmer Day spa suggest a therapeutic lymphatic massage that helps release toxins from the body to ease tension headaches and rid of unnecessary water weight. A soothing facial rich in anti-oxidants should also be on the menu to energize tired skin and let it shine for the big day. Then an ultimate hand and foot massage will top it all off, giving proper pampering to tired hands and feet, making them look “hydrated and rejuvenated.” (Package includes: lymphatic massage, skin-brightening facial, hand and foot massage)

Mothers and Daughter Bonding Moment” – Here’s the bride’s chance to know of any well-guarded secrets to a successful marriage from her mom and layout differences and expectations with her new mom-in-law…in a serene setting. The day starts off with a hair and scalp massage to ease any headaches caused by planning (and paying) for a wedding that will result in healthy, luscious looking hair for the wedding. The mothers (and never too early for the young bride) will enjoy the four-layer facial, a very hydrating anti-aging facial that will keep their face looking supple and ready for their close-ups at the wedding. To brighten their eyes, mothers and daughter will appreciate eye rejuvenation treatment, which makes their eyes look younger. Finally, the bonding moment ends with a foot massage done in our couple’s room over tea and cookies. This is when the gossip and secrets come out. (Package includes: hair and scalp massage, four-layer facial, eyes rejuvenation treatment and foot massage)

Holy Holistic Girlfriends” – You know what they say, “ a bridal party that pole dances together…well…” This is a fun bridal package that starts off the day right with a detox slimming Mineral body wrap for the whole bridal party to get the adrenaline going. This is followed by the relaxing lavender wrap, in which you will be cocooned in soothing lavender essential oil wrap. A total body scrub sends all your dead skin cells away. And finally, everyone will get a session in the make-up application so all parties involved will learn how to enhance their beauty even after the big wedding. (Package includes: Slimming Mineral Body Wrap, Relaxing lavender wrap, spa ritual body scrub, make-up application)

It’s All About YOU” – Can we say that this is the mother of all spa treatments and indulgence. It’s your day; therefore, it’s all about you. A power body wrap will envelop your body with minerals needed to help tighten skin and help you lose inches before you fit into that wedding dress. We know you’ve been watching your weight, but this will be the icing as it helps you look leaner and sexier. Then off to a full body massage to release all your tension and worries away using aromatherapy oils to clear your mind. Next, a quick revitalizing facial will boost your skin’s elasticity and make it look healthy and rosy for your big day. Brides may forget about this, but shaping your eyebrows makes a huge difference! A lip and brow wax will complete your bridal look (and if you wish, we can add bikini wax to complete your HONEYMOON look, wink, wink). A luxurious manicure and pedicure session will get your hands and feet revved up for all the walking and shaking hands you’ll do. And finally, let our make-up artist do a little make-up application for you…call it a make-up rehearsal for the wedding rehearsal. Because this is going to be a day dedicated to you, we’ll make sure you are nourished with a fiber and protein-enriched lunch. You will need all the positive energy for this ultimate bridal package. (Package includes: power body wrap, aromatherapy massage, Revive facial, brow and lip wax, make-up application)

Whether it be for minimizing pre-wedding jitters or simply preparing mind, body, and soul for a momentous occasion, a day at the spa can make a wedding more special. Spas have been known to restore well-being, foster friendships, and other relationships, release the inner and outer beauty and bring serenity.

“What a bride should look for in a spa are professional therapists, a stress-free environment and a helpful staff who are willing to customize treatments for different brides,” said Marcelino.

And it seems that Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa fits every bride’s needs.

For more information about bridal spa treatments and packages please call the experts at Suddenly Slimmer Day and Med Spa; they would be more than happy to give further explanations and even demonstrations. Please call 602-952-8446

We are located at 3313 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix, Arizona 85018

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