VI Precision Peel + – treats stubborn melasma and pigmentation

VI Precision Peel + – treats stubborn melasma and pigmentation

The beauty in the VI Peel Precision Peel Plus is that it removes the discoloration, melasma, pregnancy masque and sunspots plus age spots in a simple non-invasive treatment. The best part is that it is the first treatment that is truly effective on darker skin tones, the category of skin that has not seen much benefit from peels and laser treatments.

How does VI Peel Precision Peel Plus work?
VI Peel Precision Peel Plus is applied during a spa visit where it is freshly compounded to ensure its potency and reliability. The masque is removed by the patient after a required length of time, depending on their individual skin type. Patients leave the spa with the masque on their face. Patients must also adhere to a strict, but easy-to-follow, at-home regimen applying several VI Peel Precision Peel Plus products once the masque is removed.

What results can I expect?
Results vary but generally patients will see a significant improvement in the appearance of the pigmented areas of their skin. Dark spots will lighten and skin texture and tone will improve. Most but not all patients experience peeling skin.

What happens if my skin doesn’t peel?
Don’t worry if your skin doesn’t peel after having a VI Peel Precision Peel Plus. We can assure you that you’re still receiving all of the benefits of the peel including collagen stimulation, improved skin tone and texture and reduced fine lines and improved pigmentation.

Does the VI Peel Precision Peel Plus work on all skin types?
Unlike all other lasers, the VI Peel Precision Peel Plus works on all skin types including darker skin. Prior to the VI Peel Precision Peel Plus, darker skin did not respond well to peels and lasers. This is a breakthrough for dark-skinned people who have waited until now for a peel that works optimally on their skin.

What is the treatment like?
First, the esthetician cleanses the skin using a special skin degreasing solution pad. The peel solution is withdrawn from a syringe pipet and inserted into a glass beaker. The esthetician dips swabs into the beaker, saturates them with the VI Peel Precision Peel Plus solution and applies the solution evenly over the skin’s surface, avoiding contact with the eyes and eye area.

The masque remains on for 5, 8 or 10 hours, depending on the length of time recommended by the esthetician to achieve optimum results.

When the time is up, the patient washes off the masque using VI Peel Cleanser. Then the patient pats the skin dry and applies a layer of Anti-Redness Soothing Balm. The follow-up treatment continues for six days with morning and night applications of specialized VI Peel ointments and creams. After a week, the applications continue in an abbreviated format.

Who should not get a VI Peel Precision Peel Plus treatment?
1. If you have an active cold sore or warts, open wounds, sunburn, excessively sensitive skin, dermatitis or inflammatory rosacea in the area to be treated.

2. If you have a history of herpes simplex, be certain to inform the doctor.

3. If you have a history of allergies and rashes, skin reactions or sensitivities.

4. If you have taken Acutane within the last year.

5. If you have received chemotherapy or radiation therapy in the last year.

6. If you are breast-feeding.

The price includes products you will be using at home after peel.