What Can Asparagus Do For You?

Miracle vegetable?
Asparagus is not a miracle vegetable, but it’s as close as any vegetable can ever be. Raw asparagus is abundant in vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients. Numerous studies have discovered its benefits for the heart, kidneys, immune function, cognitive function, and fetus, just to name a few.

Asparagus Extract is a 1:100 organic extract of fresh whole asparagus, including the roots. So you can imagine how much more potent and nutritious it is.

Excellent Alkaline Agent
In the past few years, there has been much talk about acid/alkaline balance and how that affects our health. What we know is that our bodies are meant to be slightly alkaline. However, many of the foods we eat tip the scale towards acidity. An acidic condition is associated with such diseases as arthritis, infections, obesity, hypertension, acid reflux, kidney stones, and many more. Asparagus Extract has a very high alkaline-forming capacity, creating an environment in the body that is conducive to bone formation and weight balance, for example.

Asparagus Extract for the Heart
Asparagus Extract reduces Homocysteine
What is homocysteine? It is an amino acid that causes arteries to harden and thicken, increasing the chance for stroke and atherosclerosis. One study shows that taking a 5-gm pack of Asparagus Extract 2-3 times daily reduced homocysteine levels by 28% in 4 months.

Asparagus Extract reduces Arterial Thickness
Asparagus Extract is one of the richest sources of natural folate, containing over 400 mcg of folic acid per 4.5gm of powdered extract. This is one of the reasons it can reduce homocysteine levels. Additionally, its natural folate content also reduces thickness of the carotid artery. This is an added benefit for cardiovascular health.

Asparagus Extract regulates Blood Pressure

Many doctors recommend a diuretic as first-line therapy of choice for hypertension. As a well-established natural diuretic, Asparagus Extract can be taken by those with high blood pressure.

Preliminary studies have shown that Asparagus Extract may inhibit the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). ACE inhibitors relax the blood vessels, allowing them to expand and promote blood flow, thereby reducing blood pressure
Asparagus Extract for the Kidneys

Natural Diuretic
One of the main hallmarks of impaired kidney function, symptom-wise, is reduced urine output. When you are unable to urinate, fluids and toxins accumulate in your system, impairing your kidneys and other organs. Since Asparagus Extract is a natural diuretic, it is very helpful for individuals with water retention.

Reduces Creatinine, BUN and Increases GFR
Asparagus Extract can also help normalize creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN), urine protein and glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Those with kidney failure know that these are important parameters to measure kidney function. Studies and case reports show that Asparagus Extract is effective in lowering creatinine, BUN, and urine protein as well as in increasing creatinine clearance and GFR.

Helps Fight UTIs and Kidney Stones
What’s more? As a natural diuretic and an alkalizing agent, Asparagus Extract is excellent for urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney/bladder stones. By maintaining the proper pH level, the formation of stones can be avoided. By increasing urine output, it helps flush the kidneys and dilutes urine to stop the crystallization of stones.

Asparagus Extract’s effect on kidney function is illustrated in the following case.

R. Rozich, DC from Illinois, has a 60-year-old male diabetic with kidney problems. His GFR was only at 59% while his creatinine level was high. After taking Kidney Chi and Asparagus Extract for 6 months, both GFR and creatinine improved significantly.

Asparagus Extract Lends Nutritional Support for Cancer Patients
For years, Asparagus has been the subject of many cancer studies because it contains substances with cancer-fighting properties: asparaginase, glutathione, selenium, quercetin, saponins and more.Its cancer-fighting properties range from immune enhancement to telomerase inhibition to restriction of DNA synthesis to topoisomerase inhibition.

Various studies show that Asparagus Extract promotes quality of life among cancer patients and reduces side effects from chemotherapy or radiation. One such study involved 168 lung cancer patients. Results show that 18.75% of patients taking Asparagus Extract + chemotherapy extended survival by over 4 months and over 1 year, among Stage 3 and Stage 2 lung cancer patients, respectively. Only 14.28% of patients on chemotherapy alone experience this result.

Moreover, 59.8% of patients on the combined therapy extended survival by more than 6 months and 2 months among Stage 3 and Stage 2 lung cancer patients, respectively. This is in comparison to 37.5% in the chemotherapy alone group.

Asparagus Extract
Asparagus Extract

Take the Asparagus Challenge!
Now you see why Asparagus Extract can be considered an almost-miracle supplement. It has so many benefits. In previous emails, we shared how Asparagus Extract can improve eye health, prevent birth defects, and reduce the risk for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Now we presented its functions for the heart, kidneys and cancer. Gout patients, though, need to avoid Asparagus Extract because of its purine content. Other than that, it is safe to take Asparagus Extract, even during pregnancy. In fact, it is recommended during pregnancy because of its high folate content to prevent birth defects.

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