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Nowadays, women are bombarded with products and procedures geared to restoring or maintaining an outward appearance that exudes a youthful appearance. But there is a procedure under this category that is often kept under wraps.

It’s called vaginal rejuvenation and it focuses on restoring the health, as well as appearance, of women’s nether regions.

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa in Phoenix, locally owned and serving Valley clients for more than 30 years, is offering three options that can help restore youthfulness and improve the function of women’s ultimate symbol of femininity just in time for Valentine’s. The experts at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa are ready to give you the heart-to-heart “girlfriend talk” and explain the different options so you can make the best-informed decision about your vaginal health.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures came into the health and wellness market because of the physiological changes that occur in that female region often after childbirth or because of aging.

“In addition to vaginal dryness and incontinence, the changes in the vaginal structure over time cause a lot of physical discomfort in women and even functional issues,” said Dannielli Marcelino, Registered Nurse at Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa.

To assist many women quietly suffering discomfort, Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa offers three solutions that can improve the physiological, micro-environmental, and overall appearance of the vagina:

  • FemiLift Laser – a safe and minimally-invasive treatment using laser technology that can tighten the vaginal muscles, improve menopausal dryness and reduce urinary incontinence using a laser handpiece that delivers precise laser energy into the tissue. The procedure is virtually painless, and lasts about 30 minutes, with very minimal to zero downtime.
  • AnteAGE Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution – a regenerative vaginal moisturizer that incorporates the healing powers of bone marrow stem cells to restore a healthy micro-environment in the vagina without using added hormones. This is a procedure done by the client in the comforts of her home that can eliminate dryness and improve the thickness of vaginal tissues, which could result in reduced pain and discomfort within one to three months.
  • CLEAR Skin Lightening Cream – a medical-grade product that is applied to the outer vaginal area to effectively lighten the skin down there. CLEAR does contain hydroquinone, which is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or individuals with known allergies to this skin-lightening compound. This is also a take-home product that can be applied in the privacy of the home.

“These options are non-invasive and interested clients will notice good results in a matter of three months or so,” said Marcelino RN. “So much so that many of our female clients are even reporting a more enjoyable sexual experience!”

Studies show that 83% to 90% of vaginal rejuvenation patients experience an improved sex life.

Suddenly Slimmer Med Spa has vaginal rejuvenation specialists ready to discuss the option(s) that is right for you. Consult (in-person or by phone) is done in a very relaxed and comfortable setting; clients can freely discuss their desired results and receive information and a plan of action to achieve these results.

For more information about vaginal rejuvenation, or to schedule a free consultation please call 602-952-8446

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